Libra Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


You just came through a full moon in Libra last month on March 28 allowing you to focus on your needs and the elements in life that make you truly happy. Until you know what you would like to happen next, the universe will have a hard time helping you materialize your dreams. That is why that full moon was so encouraging, allowing you to map out your path for the coming year.

Next comes the new moon of April 11, and new moons always give you the chance to make a significant fresh start or begin a new chapter in your life, depending on where the new moon appears. This new moon will fall in your opposite sign of Aries, your seventh house, so pay attention to your closest serious relationships in business or love. At the time of this new moon, you will have the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Venus in your relationship house, and together, they will form a crown of stars, also called a stellium, in Aries. Aries is an adventurous fire sign, so you’ll likely be eager to do something more with a present business or love partner, possibly to formally engage an expert to help you accomplish a special goal.

Aries is associated with entrepreneurial enterprises, so for example, if your goal is to create a new app, you might have interviewed several experienced app developers, and now, you’re ready to formally engage one company to help you. Jupiter is in your truelove sector, sending shimmering golden beams to your committed relationship house, indicating that your relationship has every reason to go as smooth as silk and draw you both closer. It is magical to have good-fortune Jupiter form a link between your love sector and your sector of marriage and commitment. You may get engaged or wed, or at the very least, move in together.

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