Libra Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now, I need to tell you about a difficult full moon that is due near month’s end on April 26 in Scorpio at 7 degrees. It will appear in your financial second house of personal earnings and savings. It seems that you are about to receive a piece of financial news that might reflect an unexpected expense. Uranus will conjunct the Sun in your eighth house of other people’s money (ruling student loans, mortgage payments, taxes, credit cards, and also, inheritance, division of property in a divorce or at the end of a marriage, and so forth) and will oppose the tender full moon in your second house of personal money.

This indicates you’ll need to pay someone fairly quickly, and it will be money you never imagined you would have to pay out. Uranus always brings news out of left field, and when Uranus is involved, you can never guess ahead of time what the financial news might be. It’s also possible you will discover identity theft or unauthorized charges on your credit card, and you will have to clear this up immediately.

The news of the full moon might be jarring, and I need you to be ready for that so you don’t feel broadsided by events. Every member of the zodiac will feel this somewhat turbulent full moon, but it will fall in different parts of the chart for each sign. Even if you’re among the lucky ones who will see very little news—it seems hard to believe, but it is possible—know that people around you are likely to be more fragile than usual, and try to give everyone a little space and a lot of empathy. Keep your schedule light, and don’t schedule any important meetings or initiations at month’s end. By all means, sign nothing within five days, plus or minus, of this full moon.

This full moon is not all bad, though, as Mars will still be in the vicinity to reach out to lucky Jupiter in an out-of-sign trine, indicating you might get a stroke of luck regarding work in the eleventh hour. While you may have an expense, elsewhere in your life you will have Mars helping you with your career, and if you do get a new job or project, it will focus on your creative talents—and pay you generously.

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