Libra Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This new moon will have Saturn’s full support from your fifth house. That house, as you may recall, rules love, romance, and plans for children. This suggests that the steps you take in the days and weeks after this new moon arrives have an excellent chance of being long-lasting, adding to your sense of security and happiness. Saturn helps you by urging you to build firm foundations for the future, accomplished by taking on commitment and responsibility. Some examples are getting married or having a child. The fifth house is also known to be where artistic expression is encouraged, so this would also be an ideal time to begin a new creative project.

There will be three sterling days in April to circle on your calendar as dazzling days for special initiations and decisions—those are April 15, 16, and 17. I will tell you about each of these days.

On April 15, good-fortune Jupiter will be in contact with the Sun, when authority figures will favor you, including partners at work, your spouse, or your close, committed sweetheart. One person close to you will be outstandingly helpful to you. This is a day that will simply leave you smiling and humming a happy tune.

I love April 16 even more so. Jupiter will be in perfect “trine” (an aspect of great harmony) with Mars, a wonderful day for love and any efforts toward conception, pregnancy, or care for the children you may have now. It’s a great day for a first date, for your chemistry with the one you meet is likely to sparkle. I also love this day for starting a new venture that will likely lead to profits.

Saturday, April 17, brings Mercury and Jupiter into communication—a sextile—indicating a sweet opportunity for a romantic drive to explore a nearby location and perhaps stay overnight. It’s also an ideal day to focus on your creative writing, sign a contract, give a speech, meet with the press, or kick off an advertising or social media campaign.

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