Libra Horoscope for April 2018

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April 2018

Welcome to April, one of my favorite months of 2018. This month has spectacular aspects in the first three weeks…

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The Sun has rotated as far away from Libra as is possible, so April is always your winter month. It’s hard for you to feel the Sun’s warmth, so instead, you will need to partner up with another person to get progress and to feel the emotional support you crave at this time of the year. Yet this month, as you begin, your partner seems to be critical of you. The full moon, March 31, set up a disagreement with a partner (or a soon-to-be ex) over a home or property matter.

You’ve been nearly obsessed with your home for months, especially last December, or focused on family members. This month, however, you seem not to see eye-to-eye with your spouse, steady lover, or with someone whom you are collaborating, such as your real estate broker, architect, or decorator. Alternatively, it may be that family members are not getting along with you or your partner.

As a Libra, you love to work in twosome collaborations, and you are very talented at doing so. In the first few days, you may find that listening to others’ opinions is not easy to do. The part that concerns me is that Saturn and Mars, both in Capricorn in your home sector, will be throwing angry looks at both the Sun in Aries on one side of your chart, and the full moon in Libra 11 degrees on the other.

With a full moon in Libra March 31, you are likely to feel this full moon directly and emotionally, especially if your birthday falls on October 4, plus or minus four days. You may also feel this full moon if you have Libra rising 11 degrees or the natal moon in Libra or Capricorn 11 degrees, in all cases, plus or minus four degrees.

In early April, Mars will be close enough to taunt Uranus, but you eventually might get some sort outburst from a partner or from an older family member. Saturn will work hard to try to keep tempers cool and calm, but you have to see how things go. That person will come in the form of an older person in authority. If you are trying to form a serious relationship, I feel you need six months before you can work out the kinks that will come up now – take your time. You may disagree, but I will say that this new moon is not entirely friendly. Taking more time to get to know the other person, especially in business, might be worthwhile.

Mercury is currently retrograde, a trend that started March 22, and that will continue until April 15. (Don’t start to act immediately after Mercury turns direct, because Mercury emits his most scrambled messages at the front and end point of his retrograde.) This time Mercury will retrograde in your committed partnership sector, so you may misunderstand your spouse, your business partner, or people with whom you collaborate, like your writing partner, agent, manager, or publicist. Nothing is easy when Mercury is retrograde in your opposite sign of Aries, so fortunately, you only have a short time to wait until things improve.

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