Libra Horoscope for February 2020

A Note from Susan Miller

february 2020

Dear Reader,

February will be quiet an exciting month, dotted with special days to bring you a variety of opportunities and good news. January was difficult for some readers, but February should be a happy little month packed full of twinkling stars to lift your spirits.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is your month to have fun. You’ve been working hard and perhaps have put others first, but in February, save time to enjoy for yourself. You may have had a chance to travel in January, and February will hold those same possibilities for you in the first half of the month. It is highly possible you will travel to see family, most likely to visit a parent or sibling.

Lately you’ve been very focused on deciding about a home or family matter, and while you will keep that focus all year, February and March will be the most special. Mars is heading to your fourth house of home on February 16 to stay until March 30. Mars’ friends will be there to greet him, namely Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, the latter being the giver of gifts and luck. With a total of four energetic planets in this area of your chart (now including Mars), if you have to move or want to lease or buy real estate, this will be the best time for you to do so in over a decade.

You don’t need to move to make changes, you could instead make repairs, de-clutter, paint a room or two, decorate with new furniture or a rug, or buy new dishes and other attractive accessories for entertaining. If you need a new roommate, interview candidates at the very top of the month, and be decisive.

There is something you should keep in mind: In the middle of this gorgeous trend, Mars’ little brother, Mercury, will go retrograde from February 16 to March 9. This means you should not close on a house during that period (and I would leave a space of days before and after the start and end dates of Mercury retrograde). It is never wise to sign any legal documents during these periods—later you may regret something about the agreement, and it usually is something you never saw coming. While Mercury is retrograde, you may lose a bid on a house, but then find something you like even better afterwards. Things change quite a bit, so go with the flow.

Do not buy electronic items this month (unless you can get them the first week of February) because you are getting too close to the onset of Mercury in retrograde, February 16. This includes refraining from buying a car, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, headphones, smart phone, new TV, or expensive air buds. Wait—you will be glad you did.

You are lucky to have Venus in your relationship sector almost all month, but especially fortunate to have Venus there on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14. For you, there are many harmonious vibrations from a variety of planets on this magical day, and your partner might show deep feelings for you.

If we subtract the time Mercury is retrograde from Mars’ tour and add a little extra time beyond the day Mercury goes direct, I feel your best time to make home-related decisions would be next month from March 11 (a lovely day when the Sun and Jupiter will be in sync) to March 30. Within that period, you’ll have special emphasis on one of your most sparkling days for home and family actions ever—March 20.

This month will be about having fun. Watch what comes up at the full moon, February 8-9, plus or minus four days. The full moon is in Leo 20 degrees. Leo is the sign of luxury, so there will likely be an event you are looking forward to attending. It will be beautiful and no expense will be spared, making you feel you’ve stepped into an other-worldly dream. This could be a friend’s wedding, charity benefit, industry function or award show, cultural event or art gallery opening, designer fashion show or home-oriented Armory show, or a special dinner party.

At the full moon February 8-9 Mars will be beautifully oriented toward that late degree of Leo from Sagittarius. Mars will still be in your quick, short distance travel sector, so if you do go to the event, it seems you will need to travel out of town to get there. This is a very refreshing vibration and something you will love.

If your birthday falls on October 12, plus or minus four days, you will feel this full moon more than your Libra friends, and you will get a double-dip of pleasure. The same is true if you have Libra rising, a natal moon in Libra, or a natal planet in Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Aquarius—in all cases at 20 degrees, plus or minus five degrees.

Later, at the new moon February 23 in Pisces four degrees, you may get an exciting creative assignment that involves artwork, music, dance, literature, or another expressive discipline as the focus of your new project. This project may come from work or it may come from deep inside you, stemming from an idea that you are passionate about and feel compelled to create. This new moon is a bouquet of beautiful twinkling stars, and it will give you a chance to show your talents to the fullest. If you won’t be working on an artistic project, you may be rolling up your sleeves for a charity or humanitarian effort, for this new moon in Pisces will pluck at your heartstrings.

There are so many things I love about this new moon of February 23, for it is one of the sweetest of 2020. One of the brightest elements has to do with Uranus, the planet of genius and all things unexpected, who will signal that new moon precisely. Surprises are coming, and you’ll love what you hear. The news may come from a person in a foreign country, or you may need to travel to work on your project—until month’s end, you may not even know you’ll be heading to the airport. I love situations like that, and I hope you do, too.

This same new moon will also energize you to find ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Pisces, the place of the new moon, is a gentle sign that generally does not go for hard-driving workouts. Investigate yoga, meditation, and Pilates, or dance your way to fitness. From ballet and Zumba to Jazzercise, salsa, techno, swing, ballroom, and hip-hop, there are plenty of ways to have fun as you get fit. Pisces rules water, and although some love swimming along with water sports, others avoid water like the plague. In that case, I leave the choice up to you. This new moon in Pisces will motivate you to become strong and healthy. That’s what matters.

Be sure to make an appointment with your doctor for routine tests and screenings you know you need. Spending an hour or two at your doctor’s office once a year might extend your life dramatically, so it’s certainly worth the trip.

Let’s go back to the subject of creativity for a moment because I want to tell you about a very special configuration that is happening in 2020. Jupiter and Neptune will create a gorgeous creative aspect when Jupiter moves sixty degrees away from Neptune, with Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in his home sign of Pisces (making Neptune’s powers even stronger). On February 20, July 27, and October 12, Jupiter and Neptune will make an exact mathematical aspect of great beauty, but you needn’t get too focused on these days. For all practical purposes, Jupiter and Neptune will be chummy almost all year and by that, I mean within mathematical significance until mid-November.

With good-fortune Jupiter in your home sector this year trading golden beams with Neptune in your projects house, I feel you might be especially excited about a project that involves the décor of your home—and your result is likely to be stunning.

It’s rare to have Jupiter and Neptune in sync. Neptune takes 165 years to revolve around the Sun, and Jupiter takes 12 years to make the same journey. This month, that special shining aspect will begin to spread its magic. If you want to gather your ideas and start your vision board now, by all means, begin. Earlier, I spoke about your home and Mercury being retrograde February 16 to March 9, so it would be best to find inspiration first. Gather ideas and look at model rooms or showrooms. Be ready to act next month from March 11 onward. You can turn your home into your castle this year, dear Libra, so show the universe your intent by starting now.

Now let’s turn to the topic of love and romance. If you are married or have a steady partner, you will be in the lead in February, and I will explain why in a second. What if you are single? That’s a complex question. The new moon of last month, January 24, was not ideal, and it lit your fifth house of truelove—usually that is the new moon that often brings love into your life.

The reason it was flawed is that Uranus (now in Taurus), the planet of unexpected developments, was in a challenging angle to the Sun and new moon at four degrees Aquarius. So, if you were born near September 27 (or have Libra rising, zero to eight degrees), you may have had a rocky time in a love relationship or with a child or pregnancy last month. If so, you may be picking up the pieces this month and deciding what you must do. This was an aspect meant to test the strength of relationships, so if you feel you have a supportive new dating relationship, you likely did not feel the shocks of that new moon. That new moon is on a mission, even now in February, to show you what you need to know about your partner, even if it turns out to rattle you a bit. I am not saying you will feel anything—only if that new moon finds something to show you, for it wants to protect you. April will be a sweet month for romance and will be here before you know it. Feather your nest first—then in April, invite love in.

Now, I will return to address the attached Libras. You are so fortunate that Venus, the planet that is known to make you irresistible, will be in your committed relationship sector, spreading her silky, soothing balm and making your relationship with your one-and-only warm and special. Venus will remain in that house from February 7 to March 4. That’s a sure sign that your relationship with your spouse or steady sweetheart will go better than ever this month. Venus’ actions have an effect on everyone, of every sign (provided she is in a sign compatible to their sign), but you will be affected more than most because Venus is your ruling planet, and her job is to take good care of you. With Venus so warm and cozy, if you have to bring up a touchy topic with your partner, this would be the month to do it. Things are likely to go smoothly.

You are lucky to have Venus in your relationship sector almost all month, but especially fortunate to have Venus there on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14. For you, there are many harmonious vibrations from a variety of planets on this magical day, and your partner might show deep feelings for you. For one, Mars will be in trine (a lovely aspect) to unpredictable Uranus, sprinkling that evening with a dusting of sparkling surprises, lifting your spirits, and making you realize when love is real, love lasts forever.

On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


If you want to take a break from normal life, plan a fun trip and go at the start of February. Traveling any time within February 1 to 16 would be ideal, and you will have at least one opportunity to be with friends at a fun event. Mars in your travel sector will reach out to the full moon February 8-9, so your friends will surround you in a warm and supportive way. You may be invited to an enchanting event over that weekend. It may be a wedding, celebration, industry event, or even a fashion show, and it seems to be in a city that you will travel to, but it’s not far from home. The full moon will be in luxury-minded Leo, so any event you attend will be beautiful, and you will feel pampered like royalty. The first weekend of the month should work out to be a memorable, joyful weekend.

For some time, you’ve had quite a build-up of energy in your home sector, and after February 16, with the entry of Mars in the same area, you will be quite motivated to get started on a home-related plan. If you like where you are living now, there is ample evidence that you are passionate about decorating, and rarely have your ideas been this unique and special. However, it could be that you want to move to a new house and may have already investigated locations during late December or January. If not, you will have a second chance to find out all that is available in February and March. There is a good possibility you will find something special. There is a little wrinkle in your search for a new place to live though—I will explain.

Mercury will turn retrograde from February 16 to March 9 and begin acting like Dennis the Menace. At the same time, Mercury’s brother Mars will enter your home sector from February 16 to March 30, so you may decide to go back to an earlier plan. You should not buy electronics while Mercury is retrograde—not even while Mercury is close to turning retrograde or direct. For that reason, shop for electronic items in early February or next month in late March. March 29 would be a sterling day to do so.

The Mercury retrograde period from February 16 to March 9 would be ideal for making repairs, doing maintenance, cleaning, or painting. Buy expensive purchases after March 9—start on March 11, a great day—or buy electronic items on March 29 when Mercury will be working with Uranus to bring unexpected delights.

If you find an apartment or house that you like, be sure to ask probing questions before you commit. With Mercury retrograde, you may discover that the current occupant has not given you full disclosure about things you’ll have to fix once you move in. It would be a mistake to sign a lease or close on a house during Mercury retrograde, so do all you can to avoid that period. If you are in the market for a mortgage, need to refinance your present mortgage, or want a home improvement loan, go to several lenders—February 21 would be your day to be thrilled with the answer you receive.

Later in the month, the new moon of February 23 will bring an assignment that will attract your curiosity and creativity. That new moon will fall in the imaginative sign of Pisces, indicating that the project you are about to start will need a touch of poetry, lyricism, and grace. Apparently, a VIP knows you are the ideal person to provide that touch. Alternatively, this project may spring from within your heart, and you will work enthusiastically because it is such a passion for you. It could well be a design project—if so, your ideas are likely to turn out to be stellar.

You may have a number of expenses coming up, and they appear to be related to your work on your home or care of a family member. The project that is on its way from that new moon February 23 might help you improve your cash flow if you are self-employed or help you showcase a new side to your talents if you work for others.

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