Libra Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This same new moon will also energize you to find ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Pisces, the place of the new moon, is a gentle sign that generally does not go for hard-driving workouts. Investigate yoga, meditation, and Pilates, or dance your way to fitness. From ballet and Zumba to Jazzercise, salsa, techno, swing, ballroom, and hip-hop, there are plenty of ways to have fun as you get fit. Pisces rules water, and although some love swimming along with water sports, others avoid water like the plague. In that case, I leave the choice up to you. This new moon in Pisces will motivate you to become strong and healthy. That’s what matters.

Be sure to make an appointment with your doctor for routine tests and screenings you know you need. Spending an hour or two at your doctor’s office once a year might extend your life dramatically, so it’s certainly worth the trip.

Let’s go back to the subject of creativity for a moment because I want to tell you about a very special configuration that is happening in 2020. Jupiter and Neptune will create a gorgeous creative aspect when Jupiter moves sixty degrees away from Neptune, with Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in his home sign of Pisces (making Neptune’s powers even stronger). On February 20, July 27, and October 12, Jupiter and Neptune will make an exact mathematical aspect of great beauty, but you needn’t get too focused on these days. For all practical purposes, Jupiter and Neptune will be chummy almost all year and by that, I mean within mathematical significance until mid-November.

With good-fortune Jupiter in your home sector this year trading golden beams with Neptune in your projects house, I feel you might be especially excited about a project that involves the décor of your home—and your result is likely to be stunning.

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