Libra Horoscope for February 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

February 2018

I was thinking of an interesting question today. What quality do you have now that when you were little, growing up, you never assumed you’d have in you? It may be that as you matured, you took on new facets to your personality that you found favorable, and were surprised to say were part of you. That has happened to me…

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your forecast for February is spectacular. Two eclipses are cutting across the most social parts of your chart, sure to stir up lots of news and opportunities for you to find and enjoy love, and to make new friends.

The first eclipse technically appeared last month, January 31, just one day before February dawned. It appeared in Leo, lighting your eleventh house of hopes, wishes, clubs, and groups, as well as the entire range of people you know – close friendships, acquaintances, and even casual contacts.

It appears a social event was or soon will take your full attention, such as a wedding or lavish birthday party, for example, or you may be thinking about working on a political or humanitarian event, or charity benefit. There are other possibilities. You may send your application to join a new club, or to attend a club event that seems quite special. If you are giving a charity benefit, you will make a big name for yourself – you will raise funds and greater awareness for the charity, and later, the top brass will hail you as a rock star.

The fact that the January 31 eclipse was in Leo suggests the large event you attend would have a touch of beauty, luxury, and elegance. The event you are going to (or just did at the end of January) had to have you in the middle of many smiling faces. You will meet new people, too, in coming weeks and months, and the people you meet will be open and friendly. You are likely to meet someone who has a lot in common with you, and for that reason you’ll probably want to know that person better. Having Mars friendly is a big plus, for you will get involved fully, with a big heart.

Full moons are important, but a full moon lunar eclipse usually will carry even more weight and importance, for it comes with the strength of three full moons rolled into one. A lunar eclipse can bring events to culmination and clarity, and give you closure. We usually see time move at a difference pace – much faster – and things we had planned to do in the future have a way of moving up quickly and need to happen right now.

The actions you take at eclipse time have clout, and the events will likely point you in a new direction. You may make a new friend or decide to do a joint venture with a friend. It seems that whatever message this eclipse has for you will make you feel very energized because Mars will be motivating you to get up and go, and it seems you will be enthusiastic about all that goes on.

If your birthday falls on October 4, plus or minus five days, you will almost certainly feel the benefits and enjoy the social environment of this eclipse. If you have Libra rising at 11 degrees or the natal moon in Libra, plus or minus five degrees, the same is true for you. If you have a natal planet in Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, at 11 degrees or within five degrees of that degree, you too will have something to cheer about.

Most (75 percent) eclipses deliver their news on or within five days of the date they arrive, and that would be certainly within the first days of February. Others (20 percent) deliver their news one month to the day to the day later, plus or minus five days, bringing your social event to the first week in March. Sometimes, due to triggers in a chart, rarely, some people (5 percent of the time) will notice the effects of an eclipse one month to the day earlier, plus or minus five days. That would have brought you to end of December and early January. However, as said, most people do feel an eclipse on time, but if you don’t, watch early March. This rule of thumb works on all eclipses.

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