Libra Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


August will be made for fun with friends. Your social schedule is about to explode with activity, much to your delight thanks to a new moon over July 31-August 1, which will have a strong effect on your schedule during the first ten days of August. Jupiter will send glittering rays to the Sun, new moon, your ruler Venus, and Mars, indicating that you will benefit from a partner in marriage or a collaborator in business, as well as from the assistance or kindness of a friend.

Uranus will be acting up in your financial house, so you may find your socializing could cause mounting costs on your credit card. It may be that you will be a member of a wedding and find the cost of participation is more than you initially assumed. Or you may have a party at your home, only to realize later how costly it turned out to be. Indeed, it will be easy to let charges get away from you, so keep an eye on spending if you are concerned about costs this month. It is alternatively possible that your spending will stay in normal ranges but that you will have an expense related to another part of your life that will come up and push you temporarily, so you’ll have a little shock when you get the bill.

One of your happiest days of the month will be Thursday, August 8, when your guardian planet Venus will receive pixie dust from Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck, a time when you may take a few days off to visit a friend at his or her country house. Venus will be in Leo, the sign of luxury, making this a good time to go.

The beginning of August will be about friendship, but the full moon in Aquarius on August 15 will likely bring a magical and memorable romantic episode. Your career might bring good news too, at the very same time.

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