Libra Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Astrology shows us that there is balance in the universe. There is yin and yang, the universe breathes in and out. It is simply staggering to look at your chart and see five out of ten heavenly bodies in your twelfth house. It appears you may feel this in a variety of ways. First, you might have very vivid dreams during this period, as your subconscious will be working overtime. In fact, you might feel that you are unusually prescient, picking up bits of information unconsciously as you go through your rounds and knowing for sure what you must do, simply by listening to that small voice within.

Another way you might react, you may want to retreat with your sweetheart/spouse to a cottage in a beautiful forest area, content you can rest. You seem to need time to think about the next chapter coming up in a few weeks, namely when Mars enters Libra, October 4 to November 19. You are soon to enter that whirlwind time, as action-oriented Mars has not been in Libra for two years, and it surely will be busy as you start a new vital chapter concerning a matter important to you (and only you would know what that might be). It’s vital that you be strong and ready for the activity. Rest now while you can.

With such a packed twelfth house, you may interact with medical personnel during the last third or end of August. This may be because you finally decide to have an operation you need and can have done while the office is not too busy. Or it may be that a friend or relative will go in for a procedure and you will want to visit to bring your wonderful brand of cheer, for as the rest of us know, you are sunshine in a bottle.

The new moon of August 30 that will urge you to drop out and treat yourself to rest and privacy or for time to do artistic work while away from the usual cacophony of voices and options, will extend its influence into September and early October. You will have the luxury of time, dear Libra, and for that you may be grateful.

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