Libra Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As you see, you have high contrast from last month with so much social activity going on. If you were mulling over the idea of joining a club, either personal or professional in nature, this would be the best month of 2019 to do it. Send in your application early in August.

The centerpiece of the month will be the full moon August 15 in the divine-for-Libra sign of Aquarius. This will be a tender full moon lighting your house of truelove and likely to bring a glorious romantic episode to you within four days of this date. This is such a darling full moon that if you are single you must circulate—you will be glad you did. All full moons have a plus or minus four days of influence, bringing you straight through the weekend spanning Friday night August 16 through Sunday evening August 18.

The only little thorn? Watch spending, especially on August 16, when your over-the-top socializing may put a dent in your credit card, and later when you get the bill, you may have sticker shock over what you owe.

Mars will move into Virgo, the most private, solitary part of your chart, on August 17, and step by step the other little partying planets will drag their little feathers and follow suit. Venus will slip into Virgo on August 21, the Sun will follow Mars and Venus on August 23, and finally Mercury will arrive on August 29, and when all these little heavenly bodies are in their places in your twelfth house, the majestic new moon will make her dazzling appearance in Virgo on August 30 in her chic ball gown and take the arm of the Sun who has been respectfully awaiting her arrival.

I love the way this elegant new moon can open a path by flinging open the doors and shutters to reveal a new path ahead. This new moon of August 30 in Virgo will first and foremost urge you to get rest and privacy. If you are creative, this is one of the most important and encouraging places in the chart for work done in solitude. Work alone and screen out the world, dear Libra, and you will have so much to show for your time.

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