Libra Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

All this will be in sharp contrast to what you endured in July. Mercury was retrograde nearly all month making plans go haywire. Everybody of every sign had their hair on fire with Mercury, so you had plenty of sympathy. By now, Mercury has gone direct on July 31, but you need to allow a space of days from the date he turned direct and when you take your biggest actions.

Mercury retrograde would have been enough to keep you on edge, but there were two eclipses in July, which often require adjustments. The first one, July 2, might have brought up an interesting career opportunity, and if you are interested in it, you can settle that in early August.

The centerpiece of the month will be the full moon August 15 in the divine-for-Libra sign of Aquarius. This will be a tender full moon lighting your house of truelove and likely to bring a glorious romantic episode to you within four days of this date.

A more difficult question might have come up on the July 16 eclipse regarding how you’d like to live, and if you think you need to move, where you would go. Not every Libra will need to move of course—you might want to give your living room a coat of paint, buy a new couch, or remodel the kitchen. Or you may be musing about renting or buying a vacation cottage. If you are concerned about the well-being of a parent, you may be thinking about how best to help, and that may have taken precedence over everything else. If that was you, the look and feel of your home did not matter nearly as much as the care of your beloved parent or other relative.

If you did not make a decision about a home or family matter, you will soon have one of the best opportunities to settle things, possibly at the time that one of the best set of aspects that you will ever see arrives—between December 25 and January 15. You might make plans earlier and take your final action during that period. When it comes to home and family, that period will be dipped in gold for you.

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