Libra Horoscope for April 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

April 2019

Dear Readers,

As you start to read your April forecast, you will see that we have a difficult full moon on April 19. Everyone will likely notice it in different ways. Upon hearing this, before you stand on your desk with a bull horn, screaming, I knew it! I’m doomed! Wait!

While it is true that Uranus, planet of sudden, unanticipated events, will be in direct opposition to the full moon in Aries on one side of the heavens, and 180 degrees away, on the other side, Uranus will conjunct the Sun (a potentially nerve jangling aspect), I know that when there are difficult aspects, there is always a remedy—and I’ve found the perfect one!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Libra rules marriage and partnership of all kinds, including those formed in business, but the new moon in Aries, 15 degrees, on April 5 will come with obstacles to joining forces or to finding accord with another. Saturn and Pluto will be in very hard angle to the new moon, suggesting that you and your partner, most likely in love or marriage—may not agree on a plan you have to improve your living situation. There are many possibilities of what may come up, so I will give you some examples to start you thinking.

You may want to move in together and need to move to do so, but your partner may not like the neighborhood you are recommending. Or, it may be that you want to renovate parts of your apartment or country vacation house, but your partner may not see the need to do so. If you are just married, you may be trying to come up with a decorating plan but find your style preferences are wildly divergent from your spouse and settling on a direction is difficult.

You may have to move to take advantage of a new job, but the choices in the region you need to move to are not plentiful or pleasing to you. Experts you hire, such as a decorator, contractor, or architect, also come under the domain of the seventh house, so you and one of these professionals may not find it easy to agree on any of your main concerns. If you have a raging landlord, problems are likely to reach epic levels in April, if not at the start of the month, then again later at the full moon, April 19.

The fourth house of home and property, which is so lit up by Saturn (and also by bossy Pluto) is a part of the chart that also rules your parents. It could be that one of your parents doesn’t like your choice of sweetheart or spouse, and that could be causing problems in communication, in attending important family events, and very possibly the future of your relationship.

No matter what topic comes up for you this month that is home-related, a new moon—any new moon in any month—will give you time to sort out the problems. In the case of the April 5 new moon, you will have time to work with your partner to come to a course of action. New moons open a portal of energy, so they set off beginnings, not endings. (Endings are crystallized at full moons, which we will come to in a moment.)

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