Leo Horoscope for September 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month will be all about money – how to earn more, manage it and investment it, and more. Before I get into this month’s forecast, I want to point out that you may still hear news from last month’s eclipses. These eclipses gave you a central role, and more news may be coming this month, so I will discuss how that might happen this month. If you didn’t hear any news at all, you might now, and I feel you will like the news that comes up.

There is no doubt that last month the eclipses were calling your name. The first one was a full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7. That lunar eclipse directed your attention to your serious love relationship or conversely to a business partnership / collaboration / association you have with an expert. The next eclipse that followed was a new moon total eclipse of August 21 in Leo. That solar eclipse in Leo directed your attention to the area of life that is most important to you.

Those eclipses were quite positive compared to others we all have seen in the past. I cannot see all that is in your personal chart, as only a private astrologer that you hire can see all that – every chart is unique in this world. When I was studying astrology, when I saw that it was virtually impossible to get two charts to be exactly the same in time or geography (even when studying twins), it was such exiting news to me! There will never be another you!

Some Leo readers reported on Twitter (@AstrologyZone) and on Facebook (Susan Miller) that they got great opportunities from the eclipses, while others said, “Just the opposite – I broke up!” If you were rattled by one of the eclipses, I want you to know that an eclipse always has a second act. You can’t quite see the truth of an eclipse at the time, as eclipses kick up so much cosmic dust, you cannot always clearly see the road ahead. In time the disappointed Leos will find the breakup or untoward event was the best thing that ever happened. It freed you to from a bad relationship so that you can enjoy a better, stronger relationship In the future. If you lost your job (unlikely, but if you did), you will be free to find a better one. If you lost your job, let them keep their old job. They didn’t appreciate your special talents – now you can find people who will.

I maintain when an eclipse is an encouraging one like both of these were, it would have a very positive final outcome. Eclipses affect us for six months or longer, as they are different from normal full and new moons. Wait and be patient. Soon you will see eclipses always create a second act, so remain optimistic.

If your birthday falls on or within four days of August 7 or August 21, you heard news from the eclipse. Only those Leos who were born on or close to those dates would have felt the eclipse strongly. There is an exception. If are not born at that time, you might have still had a strong reaction to last month’s eclipses if you have Leo rising at 15 or 29 degrees (the degrees of these two eclipses) or have another natal planet of those degrees – and I spelled out the signs of those planet in last month’s forecast.

We have more eclipses coming in 2018 in Leo-Aquarius series, on January 31 (highlighting Leo born near August 3), February 15 (highlighting Leos born August 19), July 27 and August 11 (highlighting Leo born on or near those dates). I have a table of eclipses on my home page of AstrologyZone on the Internet, lower left side, all eclipses 1994 to 2030. I am thinking of adding more dates to that list that fall earlier than 1994. Would you find that helpful? Let me know on Twitter (@astrologyzone) and on Facebook (Susan Miller).

For this year’s eclipses, think back to 1998 to see if that was a big year for you, for eclipses repeat in 19-year cycles. Keep in mind that the other planets surrounding the eclipse will be different this year, so any eclipse would never be an exact duplicate of any of the ones that came before.

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