Leo Horoscope for October 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your urge to travel near and far will be very compelling as you enter October. The new moon that occurred at the end of September will start you packing to visit a nearby city, perhaps with the purpose to see family, view property, enjoy nature, or to have focused time for your romantic partner. It seems less likely that you would travel for business in early October, but if so, it will feel like play because you will enjoy what you are doing so much.

The new moon, in Libra, at five degrees, that appeared September 28 will still be strong during the first half of October. You will be very busy, and you’ll need to stay organized with the details. If you let things go for even a minute this month, you will feel like your life is a fast-moving train that you are forever running to catch to jump on! It’s a good feeling to be this busy, for it means your services will be very much needed and appreciated, but you could use a rest, at least over a weekend. Since Venus was in ideal angle to Jupiter at the September 28 new moon (coloring the first two weeks of October), you might want to take a drive into the country for an overnight visit with a friend or sibling.

It looks like you will have a document to write and submit, or a contract to sign (or both). Concerning a legal document, have your lawyer look at it, a step you should not skip in October. If you can, schedule your signing for the full moon of October 13 when Jupiter will be in perfect angle to the Sun. Avoid October 6, when Mercury (ruling contracts) will directly oppose unpredictable Uranus, for unforeseen circumstances could threaten your budding alliance.

The full moon in fellow fire sign Aries, at 20 degrees, will again encourage travel, only more far-flung this time, so you might find yourself at the airport taking a long-distance trip on or within four days of Sunday, October 13. That would include Friday, October 11 until October 17. The wonderful part about this full moon is that Jupiter will be exactly trine the Sun, a fantastic development because the Sun is your brilliant star for it rules Leo, and Jupiter is the great good fortune planet, in fellow fire sign, Sagittarius. This trip, which takes place over the US holiday, Columbus Day weekend, including October 14, has the potential of being highly romantic, refreshing, and even luxurious. It could also provide you with needed rest.

If you live outside the US (and 52% of my readers do live elsewhere), see if you can take one vacation day on Monday, October 14, to give yourself a little more time to be away. I love that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in ideal position to the Sun and full moon, ensuring this weekend will be an exceptionally happy experience.

If you can’t travel over the weekend of October 12-13, other possibilities might make you equally excited. Any work with the media glows, in publishing or broadcasting, as a journalist or as the subject of a story that would bring you superb publicity. If you are in college, you may be finishing up an important paper or preparing to defend your thesis—either way, you should do well. Finally, if you have a legal case, or a matter involving immigration, the interview you’ve been awaiting should be coming up for a resolution at the full moon period.

The October 13 full moon, influential from October 11 to October 14, will give you a chance to spin your compass and take off in any distant direction you choose. You’re not likely to see a better moment to go than this, so make it a romantic trip for two, and visit a secluded spot where the sun shines and luxury rules. If you don’t have a romantic partner, go with a good friend and enjoy deep conversations, good food, and fine wine.

This full moon does have one drawback, and it comes in terms of Pluto and Saturn, both in hard angle to the Sun and full moon. Pluto will be in difficult angle to the Sun, and Saturn will be close to Pluto while putting pressure on the Sun and full moon. There is no way to fight Pluto and Saturn, for that would be like fighting city hall. You will have to get the work done. Further, with Saturn close, management will look at the work you hand in near October 13 with a giant magnifying glass. You will be expected to hand in flawless work. Take time to double-check everything, or you will have further delays with do-overs. You seem to be paid well for the project you do this month, so you do want the work to be accurate and polished.

Keep in mind that Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck, will be in the most harmonious position possible at this full moon, along with the Sun, and that will be of enormous help to you. You can measure up to client demands, so keep your hands on your steering wheel and eyes fixed on the road ahead. You can rest once you hand assignments in—and that’s when the fun will begin. If your birthday falls within four days of August 12-13, or if you have Leo rising, at 20 degrees, plus or minus four degrees, you will receive a double-dip of pleasure at this full moon, but all Leos will have something that makes them cheer.

I love that Mercury, the planet of communication, will be beautifully oriented to both Saturn and Neptune at the same time, near the October 13 full moon, indicating you can easily please older, more experienced authority figures, and also present creative ideas that you have a good chance of being accepted. If you can manage an extension for your deadline that allows you until October18-19 (not likely), Mercury will be friendly to Pluto, so again, you have help from Mercury.

Mercury will begin to retrograde on October 31 until November 20, so it would be good to have everything done early in the month. You will notice the impending slowdown of Mercury as early as October 21, so that’s why I would like you to act quickly and decisively this month. For example, if you want a new Apple smartphone, buy it in the first two weeks of October—the earlier, the better—so that you don’t tangle with Mercury retrograde. During these phases, machines with moving parts begin to show wear and tear, break down, and necessitate a trip to the repair shop. Mercury retrograde is never a wise time to buy new electronic products either, and that includes a car or kitchen appliances. Mercury retrograde makes us forgetful, distracted, and prone to rush. We make bad judgments, and here is why.

During these Mercury retrograde periods, the world is in flux, and qualifications that you previously used to make decisions no longer hold for future decisions. This is the main reason making binding commitments during Mercury retrograde so rarely works out well. If you would like to learn more about Mercury retrograde, I wrote an essay for you on my website, Astrology Zone, called “Everything You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde” and here is the link: http://bit.ly/2ny6INl.

You might have to move to take advantage of career opportunities at a distance, or your spouse or live-in lover may have an opportunity to work elsewhere, and you will decide to relocate together. Moving is a big deal, but if your title (or your partner’s title) represents a big step up, and the compensation on offer at the new company is substantially better, it may be worth going through the trouble of packing up to go to that distant city.

There is another element in all this: Pluto will go direct this month on October 2-3, and Pluto is the natural ruler of your house of home and family. If you have been trying to buy, sell, or rent property or fix up your current space, but have not been able to find the right location, watch the days surrounding October 2-3 for a breakthrough. Very often, when a big outer planet like Pluto goes direct, in the days surrounding the changeover, the planet leaves clues of what is to come—stay alert.

Now we come to a potentially difficult new moon, on October 27, in Scorpio, at four degrees. This full moon will focus you on your home and family, too. As is true with all new moons, the Sun and new moon arrive together, arm in arm at this time. The problem is, across the sky, Uranus will be in a tug-of-war position, at the same opposite degree of five-degrees Taurus, to directly oppose the Sun and new moon, causing unexpected shock waves. (Taurus and Scorpio are found 180-degrees apart on the horoscope wheel, or said another way, six months away from each other.)

I am not sure if your physical residence will be the focus, but if it is, you will hear unexpected news. Your landlord might have sold the building, for example, and you could have to move soon. If you work with a contractor, workmen might find something in the walls needs to be urgently fixed before they can continue with your project. Alternatively, your landlord may raise the rent, more than you assumed he would or insist on a lease that runs longer (or shorter) than you had hoped. Or if you are selling property, a buyer may suddenly pull out, because the bank won’t preapprove a mortgage for that family. These are some examples, but you get the idea.

If your focus is not on your home or other property, then alternatively, you may have a disagreement or difficult episode with a family member that you find unnerving. Something seems off, and when the incident comes up, it will come out of the blue, as is the nature of Uranus. Or in a very different manifestation of this full moon, one of your parents may suddenly need help. There is no way to know what Uranus will do since the job of Uranus is to keep us on our toes and flexible. All you can do is call your parents to see how they are doing, and if one seems not to be in good health, encourage your mother or father to see the doctor, or to seek out a second opinion. Your parent may need your help in doing that—be there to do it or enlist someone who can.

Amid all this, your boss will be demanding you pay attention to the job, and you will, but this person does not seem to be sympathetic to your plight at home.

Scorpio, the sign of the new moon in your house of home and family, is a shrewd sign, so you will figure out a way to keep everyone happy, but it might drain you a little. The reason I am so confident you will keep everyone at work satisfied is that Venus rules your career and Venus will be in sweet aspect to powerhouse Pluto, and in your life, Pluto seems to be personified by the person you call boss or client. Yes, there will be some tense moments, but with a little fast thinking, of all people, you dear Leo, can keep everything in your life under control.


The new moon of last month, on September 28, will still be strong as you enter October and will brighten your third house, ruling short-distance travel, as the month opens. This seems like a lovely trip, most likely taken to enjoy romance, see family, or view new property. Your accommodations will make you feel pampered—Venus and Jupiter in sync will take good care of you. Before you go, you will have meetings to attend and duties to perform, and they seem too important to put on a back burner.

The October 13 full moon, influential from October 11 to October 14, will give you a chance to spin your compass and take off in any distant direction you choose. You’re not likely to see a better moment to go than this, so make it a romantic trip for two, and visit a secluded spot where the sun shines and luxury rules. Good fortune Jupiter will be in an ideal alignment to this glorious full moon, and it would be a shame not to use it.

If you don’t have a romantic partner, go with a good friend and enjoy deep conversations, good food, and fine wine. When you come home, you will be full of stories of things you saw, people you met, the information you learned, and adventures you experienced. On top of all this, one new admirer may be drawn to you after your return, for your enthusiasm for life will be irresistible.

Lucky Jupiter is spending all of his time in your truelove sector until early December, so by all means, socialize as much you can now—at this full moon October 13, Jupiter will be doubly strong and helpful. While you won’t expect Cupid’s arrow to strike you, it certainly might transform your life forever. If you don’t leave the house, you will never know.

One difficulty at the full moon of October 13 might be a last-minute project to do, so as you enter October, be organized and have as much pending work done and off your desk as possible. You may need to ask your boss to approve a temporary assistant so that you can have it all done on time. If that’s not possible, stay late early in the month, so you don’t feel a time crunch mid-month when you could have a planned getaway.

The end of the month might be a pressured time for some Leos due to a troublesome new moon on October 27. Your ruler is the Sun, and at this time, Uranus will directly oppose both luminaries, causing shock waves. You seem to feel a pull, between obligations at work and those at home, and both areas of your life will urgently demand attention. The concerns of someone at home seems to take priority. Additionally, monitor your health, and be sure you check with your doctor if anything seems off. You will be under strain at this time, so make sure you have ample sleep and good nutrition. When aspects like this strike, it’s always wise to check in with those who are vulnerable, such as parents or aged relatives.

One of your parents may suddenly need your quick assistance, or it may be that your focus will be on changes in your residence or other property you own. The problem is, your boss will need your full attention, too. Your prime attention will have to be on home and family, no matter how much pressure you feel at work. It looks like one subordinate, seeing what is going on, will quickly turn to assist you. You can have help in this complex new moon when you need it most. If necessary, ask, for it appears, someone will be your angel.

Admittedly, life is about to become a little more complicated, because Mercury will go retrograde on October 31 until November 20 and will cause delays and postponements, particularly at home. At this point, all you can do is laugh at the comedy of it all. You can handle this, even though you may wonder—you can, and you will.

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