Leo Horoscope for March 2019

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march 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have lots going on this month, and it looks like you can make the twinkling stars above work for you. The most dramatic event of the month is that Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, is moving into your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement on March 6 to stay seven years, until April 2026. Uranus is one of the slow-moving outer planets in our solar system, so his movements are important. Uranus takes 84 years to circle the Sun and go through all 12 houses of the horoscope. Uranus will remain in your house of fame, prestige, and career pinnacles until April 2026, and when he strikes, it’s usually like lightning, out of the blue.

In order to see the effect of Uranus, you need another planet in tight mathematical aspect, and the first such event will be next month when the Sun conjoins Uranus on April 22. With Uranus, you can never guess what will come up, but let’s think good thoughts. Uranus has the power to make you famous if that is a desire. From now on, opportunities will come like lightning, but you will also have your share of unexpected setbacks. If you have been working hard, you should not find these reversals too difficult to handle, and they will arrive with the compensation of thrilling breakthroughs. Uranus is the only planet that brings unexpected, unanticipated events, and he is there to teach us to stay flexible and adaptable. You have never had this influence before in your life, for Uranus has not been in Taurus since 1934 to 1942.

It’s time to dream bigger than you ever have before, because you will have no problem reaching VIPs who can help you materialize them. Mercury is the planet that helps us gather information, and Uranus is known to be the higher octave of Mercury—Uranus takes the information that Mercury provides and then shows you how to resynthesize all that you’ve gathered into something more innovative and modern, pushing your ideas into the realm of genius. The next seven years offer you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stand out and lead in your industry.

Uranus brings long-term energy that you will have at your disposal, and now you have brilliant short-term energy from Mars, also in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement—the house that rules your reputation and standing in your industry. Mars comes by every two years to light this part of your chart for six to seven weeks. Mars first entered your prestigious professional sector on February 14, to stay until March 30. With Mars and Uranus touring this house, if you want a promotion or new job offer, this is your time to look for it.

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