Leo Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your twelfth house, where all the action is found, is also the house of creativity done behind closed doors, in solitude. You may begin working on a project now that you don’t want anyone to see or even know about until you are finished. It may be your own project, or you may be doing it for your employer, working as a member of a team on a big confidential assignment for a future product launch. Either way, you will be determined to keep things confidential and the project away from prying eyes. You will have time to concentrate this month without distraction, and you have the chance now to create work that will later be hailed as brilliant.

At this eclipse of June 21 and after it, you will notice your intuition running at high levels. Listen to it, because if you don’t, it will be insistent that you listen—relentlessly. Your intuition will be a powerful protector this month. You may have an important dream in late June too, so if you do, keep a note pad near the bed so you can capture all the details before you forget them.

There is another way this eclipse might work out because the twelfth house rules hospitals, rehab centers, physical therapy facilities, nursing homes, and even jails. As you may know, due to a birth defect, I grew up in hospitals. My Little Mom used to visit all the time, as my hospital stays were long—8 months, 7 months, once 11 months, always continuously without interruption. After I gave birth, I was in for two long months without seeing my baby, Chrissie, who was sent home to my husband and baby nurse that we had hired.

Little Mom used to say, “When we break you out of jail, life will be so bright, Susie!” It’s so funny that both jails and hospitals—areas of confinement—are found in the same house. I agree, a hospital is like jail. Anyway, the June 21 eclipse might put you in contact at one of these facilities, say, because you are signing up for surgery that had been put on hold due to the pandemic, or because you are helping a relative, like your father or friend, by being their advocate and also their cheerleader.

A solar eclipse puts the emphasis on the Sun, and you are ruled by the Sun, so these types of eclipses often affect you more than lunar eclipses.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.
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