Leo Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Leo

If you are self-employed, you will give yourself a promotion by bringing in a high-status new client, one that impresses competitors. Whether you work for yourself or others, at this time of the month you will have five celestial bodies clustered together, which is half the solar system, in one house! Those heavenly bodies will be the mighty Sun (focus and strength), the new moon (opportunity), Mercury (news), Uranus (surprise), and Jupiter (good fortune). Your timing for making a move up the ladder of success is excellent.

The arrival of Jupiter to your tenth house of career is newsworthy. Jupiter took 12 years to journey to this part of your chart, and soon you will begin to see the benefits. In order to unlock Jupiter’s treasures, you would need a new moon in your tenth house, and guess what—that is precisely what you have! You have the perfect new moon (not an eclipse) to energize your career on May 19.

Uranus is still orbiting near the sun (not tightly, but still within the orb of significance), so that suggests you will have a few surprises coming up on the path to your new position. You are ruled by the Sun, and you may be tempted to act impulsively, but even though Mercury will be done retrograding by time of the new moon on May 19, it still would be wise to take your time and study all facets of any proposal offered to you.

Mars will be in the perfect position to support the Sun and new moon, so that will help you get the attention of VIPs who favor your need to make career strides. Neptune will be in a lovely sextile position, indicating a chance to leap ahead and impress VIPs by displaying your artistic talents and contributing your imaginative ideas.

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