Leo Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

In early March you have both Venus and Mars in Aquarius, the area of your chart that rules serious, committed relationships (a holdover from last month), so even if you are agreeing to part ways, this relationship is likely to stay civil and polite. Venus and Mars go together like cups and saucers. These planets love to be together but can rarely conjoin because of their different orbits—usually they are given far-flung assignments in our solar system, so all they can do is wave to one another as they gaze across the star-studded sky. Venus and Mars spread charm, warmth, and ease throughout all of your relationships, so you should find you will make excellent progress at work and in your personal life.

A full moon lunar eclipse will occur this month in Libra on March 25, so you may be ready to conclude talks and make a solid commitment to a deal by signing a contract, but you need to slow down. It is never wise tosign papers directly on an eclipse, and this is additionally applicable at this time because Neptune is in opposition to this full moon, adding confusion. You would do best to hire a lawyer if you have any serious commitments to make because you would need to be absolutely sure you have all the necessary facts. Don’t try to save money by not hiring a lawyer—the legal advice you receive now will likely prevent future problems.

This is not to say that this eclipse is suggesting this deal is bad. Just the opposite, this agreement could become a brilliant jewel in your crown, but you would have to look at the fine print and make adjustments first. In other words, the outcome will be predicated on your ability to separate fact from fiction—to distinguish what “is” from what you wish and imagine things it to be. Stay practical and realistic, dear Leo.

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