Leo Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

Your career is currently receiving the finest planetary support that you could ever wish to see. This comes thanks to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, and Uranus, the planet of surprise—Uranus will also help you develop your own visionary creativity to generate innovative breakthroughs.

With your eighth house of finances lit up and working with these aspects (until May 25), you can make a name for yourself and earn the compensation that is commensurate with your rising status. You may also be negotiating a professional fee, bonus, commission, royalty structure, or a benefits package. Alternatively(although, admittedly, a little less likely), you might be ready to buy or sell property, and you’d see an unexpected twist in the talks you’re having that benefits you. Or you may be applying for a mortgage or financial aid for college.

If you are working on finding a fair division of property with a soon-to-be-ex-partner at the end of a marriage or business, as long as you open talks on March 10 and continue the conversation in the days and weeks that follow, your chance of having a successful negotiation is excellent—so stay confident.

Your collaborations and interactions with others should go smoothly, and this also includes your relationship with your romantic partner (your spouse or the person you are dating seriously), assuming you are not in the process of divorcing. (This isn’t representative of most Leos—Leos who are divorcing now tend to be the outliers these days.) You will also have a harmonious relationship with your committed business alliances.

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