Leo Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

I also love March 9 when Uranus will contact the Sun—all kinds of unexpected things could happen on this day, making you luckier than a little leprechaun. Your mind will be moving at the speed of light, and your ideas will easily spill forth like a plethora of shimmering diamonds falling from the top of your head. You need to test yourself to see your talent for developing ideas—so sit quietly and work on a specific problem that you want to solve.

It’s been said that creativity wells up within each of us every 90 minutes, but none of us know where within that cycle we are entering. For this reason, you need to keep working on generating ideas for at least 90 minutes—your creativity may show up instantly, in the middle of your session (and keep on going), or it might surface at the end of the 90-minute stretch. It will be exciting when you see this materialize. I’ve tried it—it works.

Let’s now look at the new moon on March 10 in Pisces, 20 degrees. Saturn will follow this new moon and the Sun, and you clearly want to make more money. If you are on commission, you may feel your quota is too high and unrealistic and should be adjusted. The house where this new moon will appear is your eighth house, which rules commissions, so this would be the time to discuss an adjustment. You also have thedirect, strong support of both Jupiter and Uranus. You will likely have a list of accomplishments to point to during your discussion, so your timing is fantastic.

You may have just paid your taxes, or will soon, and it looks like you might owe some due to your rising status in your industry—let this be extra motivation for you to speak up and see if you can increase your income. Neptune is conjunct the Sun, so it appears your job is creative and that you are prized for the taste, stylishness, freshness, and imagination you can bring to the table.

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