Leo Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

Next month Mercury will retrograde from April 1 to April 25, so accomplish as much as you can now because in the last third of March you will begin to feel the slowdown that Mercury retrograde brings. Sign contracts in early March, and if you need an electronic product, such as a smartphone, laptop, new TV, or even a car, you would be wise to buy it (or any other electronics) in the first part of March. You would need to stay as far away from the start of Mercury retrograde—April 1—as possible.

Even with Mercury due to retrograde next month, April will still offer you a number of lovely days that you’ll be able to use to score a breakthrough—in addition to your most magnificent day on April 20. As said earlier, this is when Jupiter will conjoin Uranus, giving you a major boost for your career and making you very happy.

In the early part of this month, mark down March 1 when Jupiter will be in perfect angle to the Sun. The Sun is your ruling star, so while everyone will love this day, you will love it more and benefit from it more than most. This day would be superb for a confidential meeting with a VIP to discuss money or to pitch a client ornegotiate a raise or sale.

Your mind will be moving at the speed of light, and your ideas will easily spill forth like a plethora of shimmering diamonds falling from the top of your head.

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