Leo Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Leo

Saturn teaches us to take the long view and to plan for the future. This planet also teaches the wisdom to forgo instant gratification in favor of saving for a bigger goal, such as buying a house or condo, a car, or other major expenditure. Saturn likes to build a foundation for the future—you could create a plan to regularly work to pay off student loans so you would not be saddled with that debt in the future. You might go to a financial advisor—with fiduciary responsibility—to help you, or you may take a course in investing. You might instead set up a savings plan—there are apps that make it easy to put small amounts into the pot of gold you’ve created so that you barely have to feel you are saving.

There is another bonus to having Saturn move to a new sign this month. You’ve had Saturn opposed to your Sun at some point over the past three years. That’s a tough aspect, and you may have had to figure out how to better get along with your steady sweetheart or spouse. Saturn was testing you to see the strength of your commitment to one other person in love or business. Some Leos left their relationship under the severe strain Saturn put on their alliance. If you are still together, you passed Saturn’s tough test—chances are your bond with your mate is stronger than ever.

Your close relationship will not be tested again for 29 years, and even then, since Saturn rules older age, Saturn does not cause as much pressure the second and third time around. (If you live to your 90s, you will likely experience three visits of Saturn to your Sun and three oppositions of Saturn to your Sun, but theoretically, you will have learned the lion’s share of what Saturn has to teach you the first time around.) Although Saturn demands you to concentrate and work hard at your goal, if you collaborate with this seasoned tutor, Saturn’s visit will leave you far richer than when you entered this period.

When Pluto, a powerhouse planet, moves into your partnership sector, you are likely to align with very powerful people who are successful and who have money.

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