Leo Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

Don’t overlook the power of seminars, conferences, conventions, and post-college refresher classes to grow your skills and meet people in your industry who are on the fast-track to success. If you want to learn about new laws, emerging technologies, methods, and resources in your industry, or would like to brush up on your managerial and leadership skills, then sign up for a course. Your eleventh house, which is so lit up for you, rules groups, and any time people gather for a common purpose, that’s a group—and an eleventh house activity, pertinent here, is all about joining in with others.

Money seems to be tight lately because you have Saturn in Pisces, your eighth house of other people’s money. This suggests that lenders would want you to prove your creditworthiness and also require a lot of paperwork. Make sure the income and other financial sums you put into your applications are accurate to avoid any shadow of a doubt about your forthrightness. You might find the terms for any loan, insurance payout, new mortgage, or other financial dealing to be complicated and possibly confusing.

It will be important to ask questions to untangle any provisions you don’t quite understand before formally entering into an agreement. That sounds obvious, but with Saturn orbiting next to Neptune this year, you can’t be too careful with financial ventures.

Here is the good news: Saturn is due to turn retrograde, and this will weaken Saturn’s well-known tough side, which in your case applies to your finances. Saturn will retrograde on June 29 and go direct later this year on November 15.

You seem to have a big project to finish within five days of the full moon on June 21 in Capricorn. Again, Neptune will send scrambled rays to this full moon, suggesting that the amount of money you will be paid—either as a fee, loan, or commission—will be unclear. Even so, your project will impress the powers at the top because Mars, still at the pinnacle of your chart (your tenth house of prestigious professional advancement), will create a direct (albeit wide) link to this full moon. If anyone told you that you would never make it to the top, they will be sorry now. You have become a success machine, headed straight to the summit.

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