Leo Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

I am splitting hairs here because Jupiter and Pluto will remain within significant mathematical closeness during the first three weeks of June. It’s a special month.

Once Mars reaches Taurus on June 8, to stay until July 20, you will again be in the public eye, and your professional profile will be sky-high. You will find it easier than ever to see C-suite VIPs, so if you have an idea to sell or an interview to complete to capture a major job, do so during the period that Mars will be in Taurus. You may also enjoy admirable publicity in the press or be asked to give a speech at an esteemed industry function.

After the new moon on June 6, friends will play a very large role in your life. This new moon will arrive with her partner the Sun (your ruler), along with Venus (popularity), Mercury, which rules your money sector, and best of all Jupiter (the giver of gifts and luck)—all together in chatty, breezy Gemini. Friends may make introductions, offer you tips and advice, and also be willing to give you a recommendation if you need one. Consider joining a club or charity—you will meet like-minded people, and among them, you could make one or two new friends who you will find quite enjoyable, warm, and generous. They will be helpful to you in your efforts to advance.

With Jupiter in this area (your eleventh house, which Jupiter entered on May 25), some of the people you meet will be successful, self-made individuals who will want to share their dreams with you. Your new pals will also want to learn about your goals and urge you to think big—panoramically, in the round. When you hear talk like this, this is evidence that Jupiter is speaking to you. If you know what you want to do but can’t quite figure out how to get started, your friends will have ideas for you—following their advice could lead to a breakthrough.

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