Leo Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

Now let’s turn to the three special days that are due to occur this month.

On June 2, Jupiter in your friendship sector will make a lovely aspect to powerhouse Pluto in your partnership sector. This will help you forge an important new relationship, possibly in business, because both planets are strongly associated with large budgets and financial growth. A pal may make an introduction that works out very well for you.

Speaking of money, watch June 4 as a potentially great day to seal a big money deal. Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter, which is an ideal aspect for signing papers with a fine profitable result.

Finally, near the end of month on June 29, you have a lovely aspect—Mercury sextile Uranus. This is a day when your mind will be lit with 100,000 points of light and you can come up with ideas of such originality that VIPs will vie for you to be in their corner. Mercury rules your salary house, so do well, and you should be paid generously, too.


You’ve been going through an exciting time in your career, so now that it’s June, you may be keen to see results from your efforts—and you will. June 2 will bring a rare and important interplay between Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, and financial heavyweight Pluto—this could turn out to be quite a lucrative day. This is a Sunday, and these are very slow-moving planets, so watch the days that quickly follow. June 3 and June 4 will be lucky, too.

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