Leo Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Leo

by Susan Miller

Your social life should begin to move into a higher gear, and you’ll have many more reasons to leave your house and mix and mingle with others. If you are tired of spending so many days at the office (or other workplace), this will change, dear Leo. Jupiter will see to it that you get an entire year of rich, happy experiences.

Although your eleventh house rules platonic (friendship) relationships (and you are likely to make at least one or two new close pals), it is very common for an important planet like Jupiter to zing its energy straight across the night sky to the house on the opposite side of your chart, standing 180 degrees away. In your case, the sector set to receive Jupiter’s bountiful rays is your fifth house of true love.

So among the new faces you will encounter over the coming months, there might be someone whose chemistry mixes perfectly with yours, and this will be a person you will want to see again and get to know better romantically. If you are already attached, you will have more time for your sweetheart, and you may even be able to plan an exciting overseas trip. If you hope for a baby, this could also be possible in the glorious year you have unfurling in front of you.

You have become a success machine, headed straight to the summit.

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