Leo Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

To show you how rare this is, next time Venus and Mars meet in conjunction will be on March 6, 2022, in Aquarius, and they will meet in various signs of the zodiac after that. After this month, Venus and Mars will not conjoin in Leo until September 7, 2028. As you see, this month is quite special!

As a Leo, you like luxury, for, after all, you are the royal sign. The word “budget” does not exist in your vocabulary, and you shutter when you hear someone use the word. You don’t like limitations of any kind, but unless you were born with a trust fund, you’ve learned how to live within your means by buying fewer items, but all are of top designer quality. With Venus and Mars in Leo, you will want fun, pampering, and, yes, luxurious indulgences.

If you are attached, you might want to go to an elegant hotel for a weekend in July. (I bet you can find a bargain package if you look for one). Or, if you’re not attached, you soon could be! While Mars teaches how to be assertive and unafraid of putting yourself “out there,” you will have Venus, Mars’ polar opposite, to teach the wisdom of not trying too hard and letting your hypnotic powers do the work for you. You can now magnetize an interesting person to you.

Shortly after the new moon appears on July 9, you may get surprise news that you’re being given a major promotion or that you got the new, more prestigious position that you’ve interviewed for recently. This day could make you realize you are about to make a major step up in your career.

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