Leo Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Leo

If you are already dating someone special or you are married, Venus retrograde will not harm you. You started your relationship a long time ago, so your first meeting probably didn’t have Venus retrograde. (She retrogrades every 18 months for about six weeks.)

If you are attached, you are in luck, because Venus’ lover, Mars, will be in Sagittarius nearly all month, and that’s a wonderful place for Mars to be for you. Mars will delightfully heat your social life and bring the chance for warm, quality time (along with sexy time, too) with your sweetheart or spouse. Mars will remain in your truelove sector until January 24, so make the most of that! Next month, Valentine’s Day will be outstanding for all Leos of every marital status—single or attached, you have so much to look forward to!


You seem to be starting the New Year filled with vim and vigor. You may have lots to do, and you will be eager to get started—the new moon of January 2 will see that you will have lots to do in the days and weeks ahead. The items on your list may pertain to personal duties, such as finding a reliable, loving nanny for your children, a plumber to have a look at your kitchen sink, or a landscaper to improve the property surrounding your house. Of course, you may be checking off progress on your clipboard at work too, but with Venus retrograde, you might find that professional progress is slower than you anticipated. Sit tight, though, for Venus has been retrograding since December 19 and will go direct on January 29, so the stagnation you feel is temporary. February will be a better month than January to make decisions and create changes.

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