Leo Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I feel no matter what tensions come up at the full moon, you will be equipped to untangle the disagreement. Sometimes dynamic tensions come up and force us to rethink an approach, and then, to make tweaks, adjustments, and maybe a pivot, so we come out stronger as a result.

Leos who were born July 31, plus or minus five days, will feel this full moon the most, and also be helped by Jupiter conjunct the Sun the most.

Saturn followed Jupiter into Aquarius last month, and Jupiter will stay the better part of 2021 in your marriage/partnership house. Saturn is staying glued to Jupiter in January and February, but Jupiter begins to break free of Saturn by the end of March and beyond. Saturn is currently in your marriage and business commitment sector (seventh house), showing you that partnerships have their privileges and benefits, but also responsibilities. This will be a recurring theme as long as Saturn is in this area of your chart, but the July-born Leos are feeling the energy first, for the next few months, and then it moves to Leos born in early August, and so forth. Saturn will remain in your partnership sector until March 2023.

After you have been tutored by Saturn, you will emerge stronger, leaner, and more able to form lasting, productive committed relationships.


Hopefully, you will enter January in a well-rested state. The full moon in Cancer, which just occurred late last month on December 29, likely gave you a craving for privacy, rest, and a cozy setting away from your usual routine.

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