Leo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Leo

You can outwit this difficult aspect, so stay cool. Your career is ruled by Venus, and Uranus will shoot a very friendly vibe to Venus, so don’t worry about losing any ground—you will not. Your career outlook is stellar, despite the crosscurrents, so keep your eyes on the prize. You have a rare visit from Jupiter in your career sector now, a visit that only comes along for one year every 12 years, and this good fortune planet will remain here until May 25. Make the most of it.

The February 24 full moon will bring a weighty financial matter to conclusion either one day before or five days after it appears. You may be negotiating a financial matter with the company you work for or, if self-employed, with a major client.

Saturn will conjunct the Sun at this full moon, so talks will be tough because, as said, the Sun is your ruler, and Saturn can be a severe influence at times. Again, you have help—this time it will be good-fortune Jupiter coming to the rescue.

This full moon will be in Virgo, so gather all your facts before you enter into talks—the details will matter, and the final resolution could turn out to be quite positive, much to your surprise. The message this month on all counts seems to be to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind, and don’t give up. The best traits of your Leo imagination, creativity, and steadfast determination will be your key to success.

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