Leo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Leo

One, your mate may feel neglected and grumpy at your stellar progress because they feel left out or, by comparison, less successful.

Two, you might have a sudden, unexpected, and jarring conflict with a business partner and need to find a way to bring this person back to your way of thinking. If a partner betrayed you, you would swiftly leave as soon as the news reaches you.

Three, you might be up for an important position that you dearly want but are surprised to find out you have one or more competitors for the job who will resort to any ruthless tactic to get it. Don’t sweat this—you have great aspects, and usually VIPs can see through the desperate attempts of your competitors. Keep focused on the talents you bring to the table.

Although these examples may seem quite disparate, they are tied together by Uranus in hard angle to the Sun at the new moon on February 9.

The Sun is your ruling star, so you might strongly feel this new moon, especially if your birthday falls on August 10-13 or is close to those dates. The job of Uranus to keep you on your toes and come up with resourceful, ingenious remedies when necessary. Nothing is predestined in astrology—the result will be up to you. Uranus is called the Great Awakener, for this planet looks for weak links and flaws that have been overlooked in a relationship or situation. When Uranus spots something, he moves rapidly and without warning to bring it to your attention. It can be rattling.

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