Leo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Leo

Ever since Saturn entered this part of your chart in early March 2023, Saturn has been giving you a cosmic MBA on money management. Saturn wants to teach you to gain more value from the resources you have. Saturn uses tough-love methods, so you may wish that Saturn would just go away. Saturn is staying, however, until February 2026. But wait—there is good news!

Jupiter has not worked with Saturn for years, but they did make a decisive, positive, and uplifting aspect last June 2023. These two planets move slowly, like little turtles, so they are still within one degree of a perfect sextile. These two planets are providing a link that extends from your tenth house of career success directly to your eighth house of other people’s money. This could bring you a one-time generous fee or sum of money, thanks to the good work you’ve performed on the job.

Also, Saturn often asks for a restructuring, so you may want to have a close look at your finances this month with the help of an advisor. You could easily wind up on far better, more stable ground financially and be on the road to wealth. A full moon like the one due on February 24 will motivate you to put a plan in motion.


Professionally, you are in a magical, wonderful cycle where no career dream is too big to materialize. The new moon on February 9 might bring up a problem, however, from one of three possible places:

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