Leo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Leo

This time Venus is in “mutual reception” with Uranus, which means Venus is in the sign that Uranus rules (Aquarius), and Uranus is in the sign that Venus rules (Taurus). This makes each planet act like the other—hence, Venus will be more erratic and unpredictable, which is Uranus’ typical behavior. However, Uranus will start performing more like Venus, in a soothing, charming way, and because Uranus is in your tenth house of prestigious career advancement, this will be helpful to your reputation and interactions with higher-ups. All arrows are pointing to you doing REALLY well in your career in February, and you will encounter increasingly wonderful opportunities at the end of May. May should bring you exceptional victories before Jupiter leaves on May 25.

The full moon on February 24 will be in Virgo, 5 degrees, and at this time your mind will turn to money. You are about to finalize an agreement or write a large check within four days of this date. Although the full moon falls in your second house of income, you may find out you need to pay more taxes than you thought because tough-teacher Saturn will be conjunct the Sun (your ruler) in your eighth house of joint finances and opposed to the moon. This can be a rough aspect. If you are closing on a house, this would explain the large expenditure—and point to you remaining in this home for a long time. (Saturn brings longevity to your endeavors.)

If you are in the process of splitting assets with your spouse at the end of a marriage or with your business partner at the end of a contract, you may be seeing half of yours flow away. Money is not everything in life, and if you are leaving a situation, you are doing so for a very good reason. The only way to handle this is to go about it with a smile and shrug. There is not much you can do. Saturn makes us face reality and be objective and practical. I still think this financial episode could have a happy ending.

Jupiter is currently in Taurus, your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement—this is the reason you are rising fast in your industry this year—and this month Jupiter will reach out to Saturn in a very friendly way. Teacher Saturn has currently set up shop in Pisces, your eighth house of other people’s money, which covers financial matters, such as credit cards, taxes and refunds, bank loans, mortgages, scholarships, commissions, fees, investments, prize winnings, insurance payouts, profits, and so forth.

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