Leo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Leo

Not only does Venus RULE your most prestigious professional tenth house at the top of your chart, but at the time of the new moon (when the new moon’s die is cast), Venus, who will still be in Capricorn, your work-a-day sector, will soon enter Aquarius, your partnership sector. Venus will help you to maintain the good will of your team members and subordinates.

Mars will head into Aquarius, your committed relationship sector, to join the other planets already there on February 13, but this is when the test of your closest relationship will likely be most on display. On February 14 Mars will align exactly with Pluto—a very hot, potentially angry aspect that is associated with struggles for dominance—so this is when the situation will likely erupt. This is Valentine’s Day, and I have no idea why the universe had to stage a test of a relationship on this day for lovers, but that’s what is happening. I still maintain that it appears the person who proves to be a thorn in your side will be someone from business. I hope your close romantic relationship stays steady, safe, and loving.

Two days later, on February 16, Venus will move into Aquarius—this same house that is drawing all of your attention—your seventh house of all close, committed relationships. These are the types of partnerships that are serious and are almost always sealed with a contract, so this includes marriage. (Yes, you sign papers on your wedding day.)

Normally, the presence of Venus would apply a soothing balm on any and all relationships. If a problem comes up with a VIP at work, it will be comforting to have dinner in a beautiful restaurant, replete with flowers, with your one-and-only who can offer support and compassion for what you might be experiencing.

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