Leo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Leo

You are doing exceptionally well in your career, so it could be that your spouse or romantic partner feels neglected or is not doing as well in comparison to your stellar progress. In this case, consider reassuring your loved one that he or she is very valuable to you and others and that everyone gets a shot at outstanding career rewards in time. (This is how astrology works.)

However, I think the problem won’t be with your romantic partner. (Of course, I cannot see all the planets and aspects in your chart.) I see that transiting Uranus is based in Taurus, your prestigious career sector, so this suggests that the person you’ll focus on is likely to be someone in an influential position who you closely work with—or an individual you compete with—and this is someone you always thought of as ethical and moral. You may find out that this person may not have deserved the glowing qualities you assigned to him or her. If the person on your mind turns out to be a competitor, you would clearly identify this individual and find out what he or she is doing. You would not have to guess—the evidence would be clearly seen in black and white.

You are ruled by the Sun, so the fact that the Sun will be directly involved suggests you will be sensitive to the news that comes to you at this new moon, for a new moon always appears with (conjunct) her partner, the Sun. If someone close has betrayed your trust, you will see the truth of it now. All Leos may notice this month’s jarring energy, but those born within three days of August 10-13 will be most directly in line to do so.

Fortunately, on the very same day as the February 9 new moon, Uranus will reach out to Venus in the most harmonious way possible, a trine. Venus is the natural ruler of your tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement, so if it turns out to be a business person, competitor, or other challenger who reveals his or her true colors, the positive side of Venus trine Uranus is that you will maintain your reputation and dignity.

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