Leo Horoscope for February 2024

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Dear Reader,

I am so happy to tell you that I’ll be speaking in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, February 17, for the NCGR-DFW—Astrological Society of North Texas.

First let’s talk about the forecast I wrote for February. (I will give you the details about Dallas where I will be in person and with availability for access on the Internet below.)

If you have already taken a peek at February’s forecast, you already know that the month will challenge us to think on our feet and make rapid-fire decisions on the spot. Uranus will come knocking and bring his bag of unpredictable surprises when he challenges the new moon in Aquarius on February 9.

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Your February Horoscope for Leo

This year is unusual in that the planets are traveling around the constellations in tight groups of one zodiac sign until early June. This means there is less variety in life each month. Each month will highlight a different sign and house of your chart. Having the planets crowded together in one sign this year is what the universe is doing to focus you on one topic.

This month many heavenly bodies are grouped together in your opposite sign of Aquarius. These include the gracious new moon on February 9 in Aquarius, 21 degrees, the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto. This means you won’t have full control over events, and the people who you partner with will have the upper hand.

This is a temporary situation. As a Leo (or if you have Leo rising), you prefer to be in charge, and you will gradually regain control, but not yet. A new moon in your seventh house usually opens the door to an opportunity to form a new committed partnership, become engaged, get married, or improve an ongoing relationship. The February 9 new moon will do this, but there are tremors, too.

If there is anything I have learned from studying astrology, it is that almost all things in life move toward strength. Difficult aspects root out poisons to cleanse a situation or make it more workable. These aspects move us to become more productive, ethical, and transparent in our interactions with others. This does not always happen, of course, but I have seen it take place nine times out of 10.

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