Leo Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Alternatively, a creative project that you have nurtured will now finish to high praise and applause. February 8 is quite a special full moon for you. It may also bring good news about a career matter and your health. You seem to be hitting all the hot spots in the sky!

On the topic of creativity, lucky Jupiter will be in rare alignment with artistic Neptune on February 20 and will be in sync with Neptune again later in the year on July 27 and October 12. This is a rare aspect, one that shines like diamonds in the Sun. Jupiter and Neptune, two major outer planets, move slowly, which allows them to be within significant mathematical closeness until mid-November 2020. This is good news for Leos who work in the creative arts or support artists (such as an agent or producer). It means you will be working on sophisticated projects that you will enjoy, and best of all, you will likely be paid well, too.

You will have numerous projects at work, especially in the second half of February, so you will no doubt be popular with VIPs and clients. Planets gathering in Capricorn suggest you will be dealing with financial matters as part of your job, such as overseeing budgets and appropriating funds. Or you may be working with financial matters around the clock, say, if you are an accountant, broker, or day trader.

Capricorn is a big money sign, and planets in this sign also point to the possibility that you’ll be focused on historical themes. You may be overseeing an estate sale, working on an auction, directing an archeological dig, or writing a screenplay or novel set in a previous era. These are a few ideas to get you thinking—anything that allows you to honor tradition or preserve history will be fortunate for you now.

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