Leo Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


You had quality time for romance last month, thanks to Mars’ tour through your romantic fifth house. Mars will exit your love sector on February 16, but before Mars makes his exit, you will have two glorious weeks to take advantage of this effervescent vibration. Lucky you, Venus will move through fellow fire-sign Aries from February 7 until March 4 and will also work to spice up your love life. Valentine’s Day could be a standout this year, as planets in fire signs like your Leo Sun will work to make this day for lovers sparkle brightly.

Venus and Mars are considered the cosmic lovers of the planetary lineup, and when they tour signs compatible to each other (and to your Sun sign, dear Leo), love reaches new heights. With both Mars and Venus working for you in fellow fire signs, your love life will sparkle, especially when you have both planets working for you from February 7 to 16. This means your most romantic days this month includes Valentine’s Day, February 14.

This also suggests that Valentine’s Day may come early for you this year, for the full moon in Leo will arrive on February 8, a time you seem to be the apple of your sweetheart’s eye. Something of importance to you will culminate within four days of February 8, and it points to your romantic relationship.

Here is why: At the time of the full moon, February 8, Mars will reach out to the moon from your truelove sector in the most loving way. A magical episode is likely to unfold, and if you’re single, you may meet someone that captures your imagination, someone you will want to see again.

If you are attached, you might hear you are pregnant or be thinking about special care or a surprise you are plotting for any children you have. You will want to hold them close and create a warm circle of love.

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