Gemini Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The problem is, Mars will be stuck in late degrees of Aries and be in conflict with two of the three planets you have touring your financial eighth house: Saturn, and Pluto. As mentioned above, this could mean one person owes you money and getting it has been difficult—you may feel like you are locked in a tug-of-war, like a dog that doesn’t want to give up the newspaper that you want to read.

Another way this could work out is that you may be tired of the lockdown and yearn to go out and live your former life, but concern over finances may make you want to save, not spend (you may have a goal in mind, such as to buy a condo or renovate your kitchen). When viewed through that prism, seeing friends at a socially distanced lunch or dinner or taking a short trip may not be worth the high charges on your credit card. A strong desire to get started on something you’ve dreamed about for a long time may have you temporarily delay socializing for any number of reasons (some having nothing to do with money)—it is just the way it is. Things will move in the right direction at year’s end so stay cheerful.

If you need to sign a contract this month, do so early in the month—I suggest September 3, when Saturn and Mercury, your ruler, will be in sync.

Jupiter will turn direct on September 12, having been retrograde since May 14. You’ve waited a long time, but now, Jupiter will begin working hard for you—financially and in terms of health if you need surgery.

You will need to give Jupiter a little time to ramp-up to his full energy, but once he does, Jupiter will start helping you financially even more than he has in recent months. Keep to your program. Sometimes we have to sow a lot of seeds, till the fields, water the crop, and be a little frustrated when we see little progress to all that work. Don’t give up, for eventually, the seedlings will come up in the garden, and you will have your harvest—this seems to describe what will happen with you. Keep reminding yourself that you have the best financial outlook of any sign (along with Sagittarius). December, starting at the beginning, looks to be very strong.

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