Gemini Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

It is unfortunate that Mars is about to retrograde now and for such a long time. The planets we feel the most when retrograde are Mars, Mercury, and Venus, for they orbit closest to Earth. Mars’ job is to supply the energy to complete big projects. He is the rocket fuel that takes the heavy rocket into the stratosphere, and then goes on his way, saluting to the astronauts when the rocket reaches its intended orbit. Mars motivates you to compete well and gets you to want to win the goal, even when the going is difficult. Mars retrogrades only every 26 months, so we get used to Mars’ help and take it for granted—until he is found sleeping on the couch and is of no help at all. Then we miss him.

This means that you should avoid doing a major launch of a new product or service until his retrograde is over on November 13. To make matters a little more complicated, Mars’ little brother Mercury, the clever little copycat that he is, will also go retrograde—right in the middle of the Mars retrograde, specifically from October 13 to November 3.

To say you will feel like you are walking through glue in the coming weeks is an understatement. We are all in the same boat, though. You will see a lot of backtracking in the news, such as new government dictates that will have to be rescinded. The government may say we are opening schools and then quickly shut them down again. People will easily change their minds more than once, if they make a decision at all. You will note people will tend to be frozen in place, not sure which way to go, or if they should start anything at all. In other words, it will produce a watch and wait atmosphere.

You are luckier than most because you have Mars in your eleventh house of friendship, a nice place to host Mars. Also, individuals like to get in touch, catch up and find out how their friends’ lives have turned out. Keep in mind that Mars in fire-sign Aries is always beneficial to your air-sign Gemini Sun. You may be motivated to seek out friends and college classmates you knew and always liked from your past. You may scan social media or professional sites like LinkedIn to find one or two.

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