Gemini Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You do have to keep your guard up by washing hands, wearing your mask in public, and keeping up your social distancing. Ask your doctor if you should get a flu shot soon. I just got mine—the new one is out. The flu shot won’t guard against the coronavirus, but hopefully it will guard me against the flu, which is the last thing I need. I also asked for a pneumonia shot two weeks earlier and will need a booster in one year. I’ve had pneumonia three times in my life, and I am determined never to have it again. The new shingles shot is out and next on my list in September, for I hear it is much improved. I got one painful shingle at 33-years old due to incredible stress. I had to care for my two children as the provider of the household when my then-husband was again out of work. Check with your doctor and see what she or he says about the various available shots.

Aspects always have two sides, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on November 12 could bring you a very large sum of money. In fact, you are the sign most likely to see a bounty of cash in mid-November. If you don’t see it from work, it may come as a cash settlement from a court case or a prize winning, or your windfall may be from a different source.

You may not have to wait until November to see money from your work. I see a wonderful day for you this month in addition to the new moon, when Jupiter in Capricorn will receive dazzling vibrations from the mighty Sun in Virgo on Wednesday, September 9. That day will bring a heavenly trine, which is one of the best aspects possible. September 9 would be a great day for an interview or to receive surprise good news about money.

Now let’s turn to Mars, which has been in Aries since the end of June and will remain in Aries until January 6, 2021, an unusually long time. The typical tour of Mars is only six weeks, not the current six months. The reason Mars is staying so long is that he will be retrograde from September 9 to November 13 (I know that I just mentioned September 9 as a terrific day, and it is).

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