Gemini Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Going back to the topic of the virus, life will gradually go back to a semblance of normal at year’s end. Jupiter and Pluto caused the spread of the virus, for Pluto rules bacteria and viruses (among other things), and Jupiter expands everything it touches. Jupiter conjoins with Pluto every 13 years, and they first met on April 4, a very tough time for Italy and New York City (you usually start to feel the approaching conjunction a month ahead).

These two planets met again on June 29, which marked terrible outbreaks in the US in the southern states from Florida to Texas and up through California. The ferociousness of the virus surprised me a little when they met on June 29 for Jupiter and Pluto were both retrograde at the time and still in a weakened state. The suffering Jupiter and Pluto caused was substantial in July and August, as cases rose in the US and worldwide. Jupiter and Pluto will soon go direct. Jupiter will awaken on September 12, and Pluto, October 4. They will meet again on November 12, so I feel we will have a very strong second wave of cases of the virus in October through early December. Yet, there is hope.

I see astrologically that we will not be as obsessed with the virus after January 12, 2021, when Jupiter and Pluto will, by then, have moved a good distance apart, not to come together again. That is when the medical community will have some sort of workable treatment. But before we get to January 12, though, by Christmas of this year, Pluto and Jupiter will be eight degrees apart, which is also good—it is the borderline of significant spacing.

It may be that by January 12, or maybe even by Christmas, the scientists will have a treatment to lessen the severity of the disease, but it seems too much to hope for total eradication. Before we get to late December, however, Jupiter and Pluto will make that strong and powerful conjunction on November 12, so that says to me that October through mid-December could bring a very strong second wave.

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