Gemini Horoscope for October 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

With the warming influence of the Sun and the new moon late last month in Libra on September 28 (strong through the first ten days of October), plus the presence of Venus and Mercury, also in Libra, all crowded in your house of truelove, you are poised to have an exciting start to October. All the heavenly bodies in attendance are waiting to welcome Mars’ arrival on October 3, set to stay until November 18.

The red planet is known to jazz your social life whenever he tours your fifth house of truelove. Mars only has time to visit this part of your chart every two years, so now that you have him to assist you, your romantic forecast will be bright. You’ve not had cosmic help in so long, so there is a good chance love is on the horizon.

You’ve been very work-oriented, but in the first half of October, you will want to push back from your desk, close your computer, and enjoy more of what life has to offer. If you are single, you can now meet someone new who you will want to know better. The best places to meet will be at parties and also at work with someone on your level.

Every Gemini in any marital status will benefit, for planets in air-sign Libra will blend beautifully with your Gemini Sun. If you are dating seriously or married, you will have more reason and opportunity to spend quality time together.

I am particularly impressed with this new moon, which happens to be in Libra, because Venus (Libra’s ruler) was in close communication with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Having Jupiter prominent at any new moon is a good indication that happiness is just around the corner, provided you do your part and look for it.

Libra, the place of the new moon, is the marriage sign, and with Jupiter in Sagittarius, now visiting your marriage and commitment house this year for the first time in 12 years, you might become engaged or married this month if you are dating seriously. In that case, October could be tender and very memorable.

You’ve been very work-oriented, but in the first half of October, you will want to push back from your desk, close your computer, and enjoy more of what life has to offer. If you are single, you can now meet someone new who you will want to know better.

The topic of children could come up in the early part of the month. October would be a perfect time to become pregnant or hear joyous news that a close family member is either pregnant or soon to give birth. Of course, you or your partner may be the ones having a baby, which is even more exciting. If you already have children, you might be making special plans for them.

If you have a Gemini birthday that falls on or within four days of May 26, you will notice the upbeat social opportunities of this new moon in a strong way. The same is true if you have Gemini rising at five degrees (plus or minus five degrees) or have a natal planet or the moon in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at the same five-degree mark (plus or minus five degrees). You will notice the bright energy of this new moon in a special way.

The same lovely planets that will put you in a social mood as October opens will make you highly creative on the job. The first ten days of October would be the right time to take a risk and present a fresh and new idea you’ve come up with at work.

Keep your eye on a rocky day on October 12, when Venus in Scorpio will be opposed by Uranus in Taurus, possibly causing problems with a work assignment. Watching this dispute between Venus and Uranus will be Jupiter, and this benefic planet will rush to diffuse the problem. A collaborator may help you catch any details that are about to fall between the cracks.

The full moon on October 13 in Aries, at 20 degrees, will continue to carry the social theme forward in a merry way. Over the weekend of October 12-13, and possibly including Monday, October 14 (which, in the US, is a holiday, Columbus Day), you will be among many warm and friendly people. You may go to a party, wedding, baby shower, concert, or sporting event where the tickets are hard to come by. Alternatively, you could go to a seminar, conference, or retreat where you will make new friends in your industry. This full moon is made for you, for it is in a fire sign that blends so well with your Gemini sign.

It is so wonderful that, at this full moon, the good fortune planet Jupiter in your partnership sector will send a golden beam to that full moon based in your eleventh house of not only friendship but a house that also rules hopes and wishes. Something you dearly want to happen could materialize now, and you’ll have reason to be thrilled.

It is true that Pluto will be in hard angle to this full moon, so you may have concerns regarding a financial matter. You may hear you owe taxes or need to pay out quite a bit of money, and with both Pluto and Saturn close, you will have no choice but to send the money. Still, you have Jupiter on your side, which is a great blessing, so a partner in love or business may be helpful and give you part or all of the money you need.

If your birthday falls on June 10, plus or minus five days, you will feel the benefits of this full moon the most. The same is true if you have Gemini rising, at 20 degrees, or a natal planet in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at that degree, plus or minus five degrees.

On October 21, your imaginative ideas will garner their warmest reception, for Neptune, now based in your sector of career honors, awards, and achievements will send Venus a shimmering silver beam. Venus will also be in productive conversation with Saturn in your eighth house of other people’s money, so a large check may be on the way to your mailbox soon.

Do your best to wrap up important matters early in the month, no later than October 21, since in late October, you will not want to be tangled up with Mercury in retrograde. Mercury will turn retrograde on October 31, but you will start to feel the impending slowdown earlier, as soon as October 21. The official dates of the retrograde will be October 31 to November 20.

This time, Mercury will retrograde in your workaday sector, so projects will take more time and possibly more money than you expect to complete your project. You will have to watch your budget and income closely at work, and you may find winning approvals hard to do.

Mercury retrograde might also scramble medical test results, so if you feel a particular test result sounds off, ask to have it repeated, even if you have to pay for it yourself instead of insurance. Alternatively, you may visit a second doctor for another opinion, which is always wise to do when your instinct is telling you to go the extra mile to be sure.

If you would like to learn more about Mercury retrograde, I wrote an essay about its effects. Go to my website, Astrology Zone, and scroll down on my home page. The essay is called: “Everything You Need to Know about Mercury Retrograde.” The link is here: 

On October 27, we have a difficult new moon in Scorpio, at four degrees, which will light your sixth house of work assignments. Uranus will directly oppose both the transiting Sun and new moon, both conjunct at exact degree, and Uranus will also be at four degrees in Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite sign. Taurus stands 180 degrees away from Uranus. Uranus will put the Sun and moon under duress, so you and I have to develop a plan. First, the moon rules your income, so a client or source of income may suddenly break off and end, without warning.

The Sun will be put under pressure too, and the Sun rules contractual matters, so you may want to leave a contract but find the other side is putting up all sorts of demands and barbed wire if you do leave. You have to handle this new moon gingerly. Since you now know it is coming, make any big moves early in the month and avoid doing anything at the end of the month. As you know, your ruling planet will retrograde at the same time, indicating a measure of chaos and delay is due up ahead.

Scorpio’s rulers are both Pluto and Mars—it is a sign with two guardian planets—and looking at their condition shows how this will play out. However, Mars and Pluto will not be friendly—in fact, they will be at each other’s throats. Mars is in your house of love, creativity, and children and will be at odds with Pluto in your house of credit, loans, and one-time large outlays of cash, so an obstacle may come up in your private life that will cause you to need to either pay out a large sum or, perhaps, not receive certain income you were counting on receiving.

If you are self-employed, one client may leave. This is part of the normal attrition of business, so don’t be too upset at this news—you can find a better source. The client might work in the media world and be based in a foreign country. Alternatively, it may be that a legal matter or clause in a contract could be troublesome and you will want to negotiate a change in the contract’s language, but the other side could take a hard line and refuse to do so. You may not be able to find accord, and in that case, you might voluntarily give up and walk out.

Indeed, it could be a touchy situation, and it will take time to sort out. New moons can require six months of talks to come to a settlement, in this case, until May 2020. We are all in the same boat with this new moon in that everyone will have to cope with it in different areas of life and different ways. It is not a full moon, so you may not be outwardly emotional but rather more rational and intellectual in approach.

The sixth house where this new moon will appear is also the house of health. This house does not rule your vitality but rather the preventative measures you take to stay healthy. This new moon will be a call to have an annual exam that you know you should do. If you are going back to the gym, don’t be overly enthusiastic and overdo yourself, because with a new moon like this, you might be tempted to do too much. Easy does it, dear Gemini.


The new moon, September 28, which will be influential through the first half of October and possibly beyond, might be precisely your cup of tea. The Sun, new moon, Venus, and your ruler, Mercury, will all be lined up in your sector of truelove, fun, and festivities. This bodes well for your social life—it should be vibrant and fun. You will need to do your part by circulating and being open to different types of people.

Jupiter will signal Venus at the start of October, so it won’t be long until you meet someone new. This is such a wonderful aspect to have on this new moon! The place you will likely meet will be at a party or other festive gathering or possibly at work with someone at your level. Enter any new relationship slowly and add mystery to give a new relationship a good foundation. Your chart indicates that becoming involved too quickly may shorten the relationship—slow is your way to go.

Over the Aries full moon weekend of October 12-13, you may receive an invitation to a party, wedding, retreat, seminar, special sporting event, or other festive, fun gathering. If you can take off Monday, October 14, do it, for this will be a lively weekend that you will enjoy to the fullest. You will be among a crowd of smiling people at an event that will be special, for Jupiter will be so beautifully involved. It might be a bit away from your home, though it will be worth traveling to if invited. If you go to a sporting event or concert, it will be one where tickets are scarce or expensive, and you will feel lucky to have those tickets.

If you attend a wedding, charity ball, or friend’s party, the host will make the evening one to remember. It will sparkle with sensational elements, including delectable food, flowers, a great band, and well-dressed guests, many of whom will be self-made and interesting. This full moon will be at odds with Pluto, so you might find this event shoots a hole in your budget, but it will be worth attending, so don’t worry too much about that. Go, and enjoy yourself.

The month ends with a challenging new moon in Scorpio, on October 27. Uranus, the planet of surprise, will directly oppose the Sun and new moon in Scorpio, causing a tearing away from a person or situation, quite suddenly. A work project or someone who reports to you at work (or someone from home, such as a babysitter, housekeeper, or gardener) might be a source of stress if they suddenly announce a departure.

This new moon might involve work you are doing on a written or spoken report or manuscript. Avoid sending your finished manuscript to your book editor in the last week of October, and do not choose this time to defend your thesis. Additionally, don’t schedule a performance review anywhere near the end of October—allow a space of at least five days, bringing up into November.

Mercury will go retrograde on October 31 until November 20, another consideration to take into account. This suggests you should seal your biggest projects as early in October as possible and do all you can to avoid the last week of October. As a Gemini, your ruler is Mercury, and although every sign feels Mercury retrograde, you feel it more than most. Do-overs, delays, cancellations, and postponements will be par for the course.

Do your holiday shopping in the first two weeks of October or wait until the end of November or December to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. During Mercury retrograde, it is never wise to buy electronics or machines with moving parts. There will be sales as you move closer to Christmas, so don’t assume you will be at a disadvantage. In fact, you will be the smartest shopper of all.

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