Gemini Horoscope for October 2019

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I have lots to tell you! First, I will appear on both the East and West coasts in October, in both cases speaking about the Year Ahead 2020. I will do a quick description here (more is listed on AstrologyZone’s home page—just click the event you are interested in coming to), and then after I give you some details, I will tell you about something we can all do together on social media in October that will be fun, and free.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

With the warming influence of the Sun and the new moon late last month in Libra on September 28 (strong through the first ten days of October), plus the presence of Venus and Mercury, also in Libra, all crowded in your house of truelove, you are poised to have an exciting start to October. All the heavenly bodies in attendance are waiting to welcome Mars’ arrival on October 3, set to stay until November 18.

The red planet is known to jazz your social life whenever he tours your fifth house of truelove. Mars only has time to visit this part of your chart every two years, so now that you have him to assist you, your romantic forecast will be bright. You’ve not had cosmic help in so long, so there is a good chance love is on the horizon.

You’ve been very work-oriented, but in the first half of October, you will want to push back from your desk, close your computer, and enjoy more of what life has to offer. If you are single, you can now meet someone new who you will want to know better. The best places to meet will be at parties and also at work with someone on your level.

Every Gemini in any marital status will benefit, for planets in air-sign Libra will blend beautifully with your Gemini Sun. If you are dating seriously or married, you will have more reason and opportunity to spend quality time together.

I am particularly impressed with this new moon, which happens to be in Libra, because Venus (Libra’s ruler) was in close communication with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Having Jupiter prominent at any new moon is a good indication that happiness is just around the corner, provided you do your part and look for it.

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