Gemini Horoscope for October 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This certainly has been a year to scrub clean your life and to delete people or projects that no longer held your fascination, so that you could build a stronger foundation to support your future goals. This year, from the end of June onward, was filled with speed bumps that may have continually slowed you down and forced you to look at your current projects and relationships in a new light and to see if you could go back and polish them to make each project even better.

Mars was retrograde from June 26 to August 27, so trying to get people and projects to perfectly click into place during that time took a lot of effort, as everything was taking longer and exacted more energy from you to complete. Mercury was retrograde during that period too, July 25 to August 18, so that was a double whammy, making people of every sign want to pull their hair out with three steps forward, two steps back. Gemini in particular felt this more than most, as Mercury is your ruler (and Virgo’s ruler, too.)

Yet the universe is about to have another slowdown planned, for Venus will now go retrograde from October 5 to November 16. On the same day as Venus goes direct, Mercury will go retrograde again, from November 16 to December 6. The good news is that once we get to December 6, you will enter into a happy time, with clear blue skies and an open road. You will be done with the obstacles that slowed you down for so many months. This nearly guarantees a joyous December, with plenty of time to enjoy the holidays that year-end brings.

In the meantime, Venus rules good looks, so when she’s retrograde, you should stay with your present looks and not make any changes for now. Keep your hairstyle and color as is, and don’t schedule Botox or a surgical face-lift. Avoid new dermatological treatments, and do not order cosmetic work on your teeth, take any other actions to change your looks, not only on your face but your entire body, or take any actions in love, such as to get engaged. When Venus is sleeping in retrograde, you won’t have access to her greatest powers, so you can do regular grooming, such as hair trims. Without the planet of affection working hard for you, if you begin a relationship, emotions may cool off later, because Venus will have been retrograde when you gave birth to the relationship, which would lower the desire and affect your new relationship for its entire term. Venus also rules the natural fifth house of love for Gemini, so that’s another drawback. It is a good time to reflect on your relationship (if in one) to see if you can improve it, or if very unhappy, make plans to leave it.

Venus is currently in your sixth house of work projects, so you might have a crush on someone you work with, but if so, keep your feelings silent. It’s not the best time to reveal your emotions, and because Venus is in Scorpio, a possessive sign, you may feel you can’t hold back because you fear someone else will steal the heart of the person you are secretly admiring. You must hold back, though, or risk coming off as a little nutty or worse, desperate. If that person is meant for you, waiting is not going to change anything, so relax.

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