Gemini Horoscope for October 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As you begin October, you are feeling in high spirits. Mercury, your ruler, is done retrograding, and although Mercury went direct September 5, Mercury needed time to ramp up to former strength, which took until September 19. Mercury rules Gemini, so when Mercury is in strong shape, you feel that way, too. For a large part of September, you weren’t able to buy electronic items. This is because Mercury is always a bit of wild child when he wakes up – not really ready for action. It’s always wise to wait a bit before you dive in and begin shopping for electronic items – Mercury rules the moving parts of any item. By October you are free and clear, so you can pick out that new smart phone, laptop, iPad, or Dr. Dre headphones. Just the thought of buying one of these items must fill you with joy.

I have a lot to tell you about October, but first, since you and I are on the topic of Mercury, and Mercury is your guardian planet (weighted more for you than most any other sign), I might as well drop the other shoe. I need to tell you that this year, Mercury will be retrograde throughout December. I am afraid to say that he will mess up your best laid plans for shopping, especially if you leave things to the last minute. This year, that won’t work, and if you wait, it could ruin not only your holiday but the holidays of those around you, too, including any little munchkins who are counting the days to the holiday and the new toys they will receive. Mercury will be retrograde from December 3 to December 22.

This means you HAVE to shop in November if you want to buy gifts – especially electronic ones – that will make your recipient happy. Also, the weather outside will be extremely difficult during this coming December. Shipping companies and couriers will struggle to keep up and get the packages delivered, and many gifts will be late in certain areas. When shopping, buy toys and surprise presents for children first. Ship them to their parents far in advance, and if YOU are the parent, then give your beautifully wrapped presents to grandmother to hide in her closest. You may assume you will have enough time to shop in December, but the truth is that you won’t – time will be swallowed up with work and last minute social events, so you can’t count on the time in December to shop. Planning ahead this year will make all the difference.

Now let’s look at October. The month continues Mars’ orbit through Virgo, a place Mars will occupy until October 21. This will give you a chance to focus on your home, and to make repairs, changes, or even a move to a new address. Mars first entered Virgo on September 5, but things ratcheted up another level after the new moon of September 19, also in Virgo. Saturn was creating obstacles, so I feel your sweetheart, spouse, roommate, or other partner was causing you some sleepless nights. If you are in the process of a divorce, a dispute over real estate or other mutual property may have become heated. By October 22, things will return to normal, and life will seem easier. You certainly have learned a thing or two about committed relationships in the past three years.

Yet this month is a different and far better month when it comes to matters of love. On October 5, Mars will make a rare and glorious conjunction to Venus, Mars’ cosmic lover, both in your fourth house of home, making the first week of October an ideal time for a party or get-together at your home. This is a very loving, warm aspect, so you may get good news about a baby born into the family or about other news that will draw everyone in your clan together.

Overall, this will be a very social time, particularly near the full moon in Aries, October 5. That full moon will brighten your eleventh house of friends, new faces, and fun events. There is a problem with this full moon in that it is in harsh orientation to Pluto, so you may have second thoughts about the cost of participation. You are being careful with money this month, which seems wise. Still, if you have your heart set on going to this event, you can find a way. (It might be something else going on separately in your life that is causing your concern about money, perhaps not necessarily this event.)

The new moon of October 19, at 27 degrees Libra, brings the best of all worlds and the some of the hardest of all worlds. The Sun, new moon, and generous Jupiter will be cuddled together in your house of true love, indicating a happy, fresh start in love. But that is not likely to happen, for directly, on the other side of the sky, will be an angry Uranus, at 27 degrees Aries, situated at 180 degrees, causing pandemonium, stealing thunder, and causing you to feel shocked and shaken about a matter concerning a love relationship. It seems a friend’s tip will get you upset about your relationship or someone who speaks to you in social media. News will come at you like a geyser out of the ground, for you won’t see it coming.

See if you can recall anything that happened six months ago, near April 11, the full moon in Libra, for there will be echoes of that new moon now. The degrees and signs are similar. The good part is, the planets in charge are Libra and Aries, two signs that blend beautifully with yours. This will help you deal with whatever comes up.

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