Gemini Horoscope for November 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You will soon make an important financial decision, but arriving there seems to be making you tense. This is due to the impending meeting of Saturn and Pluto in your eighth house of other peoples money. These two planets will meet on January 12, so you will announce the decision at the end of December or early January. I will not minimize the significance of this decision—it is a big one. Pluto, when in conjunction with another planet, often presents a situation that involves something or someone you assume you cant live without, yet you must. Letting go seems to impinge on your sense of financial security.  

Pluto is about to show you that you must find a way forward even though you feel the action has risks. Only you know the details of this situation, but I can say this—never make a decision out of fear. Do not say, I am too afraid to do this or that, so I will not do anything. (That is a decision in itself, anyway.) Instead, take the courageous route, plan carefully, and say, I must do this now, for I cannot allow this situation to go on. In the situation you face, you may have no choice but to leave and barrel forth, in which case you are in luck, for it will spur you to take action, much to your ultimate benefit.

Next month, on December 2, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and miracles, will enter this same area of your solar eighth house of other peoples money. Jupiter will be there to protect you and propose a year of expansion, growth, and profit—one of your best years for financial gain. You have seen no proof of this yet, but in the weeks ahead, and certainly in January, you will. It seems you will combine your money with another person, perhaps through a performance-based income, such as by commission, royalty, licensing fee, bonus, or cash advance, as some examples. This part of your chart also rules investments in your personal stocks and bonds, but also, if you are self-employed, investments in your company.

The house of other peoples money—where Saturn and Pluto currently reside, and that will welcome Jupiter on December 2—also rules a different type of money: taxes, student loans and scholarships, credit cards, bank loans, mortgages, inheritances, prize winnings, valuable gifts, and insurance payouts, as some examples. As you see, this is money that comes in and goes out. Still, it seems a lot more money is about to come to you during 2020 than go out.

For two years, since December 2017, you have hosted Saturn, the taskmaster planet, in this same solar eighth house of other peoples money. You have been learning how to manage money, how to find affordable funds to borrow when you needed them instead of taking cash advances from credit cards, and the importance of having a solid credit rating

Neptune has been retrograding since June 21, and happily, this planet of vision and creativity will go direct on November 27. You will enjoy seeing your career take off like a firecracker in weeks and months to come. Take special note of news you receive in the days that circle November 27 (November 25-29), for you are likely to have a clue that something wonderful is in the works.

Now, transiting Saturn is nearing transiting Pluto, a conjunction that only happens once every 25-28 years and will on January 12, 2020. These two planets move very slowly, so they are now close enough to indicate you may be making that big financial commitment. Both planets will meet in the conservative and cautious sign of Capricorn. Do your research, read news media, and consult with your attorney and accountant, along with business partners and experts, and you will be ready to come to the right decision.

The difficult new moon of last month, October 27, was in Scorpio, highlighting a work project which may have hit a jarring curve. At that new moon, Uranus in Taurus opposed both the Sun and tender new moon in Scorpio exact at four degrees. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and seems to come at you out of the blue without warning, so a project needed watching. That was a new moon, and new moons set up a trend of six months, so you will have to keep your antenna up for that long. 

Alternatively, instead of work surprises, you may have experienced health problems. You will have to watch both—keep track of your health and current projects, lest something goes wrong and you need to seek help if necessary.

Mercury retrograde, which started officially on October 31 and will go until November 20, was certainly not helping matters. Mercury was creating a fog-filled scene. You may not have solid data and find it’s still hard to come by. You may have received contradictory information, and that could continue until the retrograde is over.

As a Gemini, Mercury is your ruler, so you tend to be more sensitive to these retrogrades than most. You likely felt the approaching slowdown of Mercury well in advance of its official turnaround date (October 31), with delays, postponements, cancellations, electronic problems, machine repairs, and indecision from VIPs to have projects approved.

Mercury will retrograde in your workaday sector (sixth house), so you will need to be vigilant over details of projects, for that is where you are most likely to see errors and do-overs crop up. The sixth house also rules health, so if you are having medical tests done and one seems off, it could be that the lab made a mistake. Ask to have the test redone, especially if the test is critical in forming the basis of an impending medical decision.  

I had a blood test one time that seemed weird to my doctor and me—and not in a good way. We investigated, and the lab said the blood vial was never refrigerated as it should have been and that they had a tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the report (that neither my doctor nor I had noticed) saying that the results might not be accurate. With Mercury retrograde, Murphys Law will be in play: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. 

If someone owes you money, you are likely to finally be paid this month, possibly on November 8, when the mighty Sun in your sixth house of work projects will be in perfect angle to Saturn and Pluto in your eighth house of other peoples money. This is a happy financial day, so be optimistic.  

Next, the full moon of November 12 in Taurus at 20 degrees will fall in your twelfth house of reflection and physical and psychological health. This house rules hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physical therapy centers, and other places of healing, so you may have more frequent interaction with medical personnel than usual for yourself or on behalf of a family member or friend. If you feel you could use help on a troubling matter, such as for opioid distress and that you need rehab, this would be an ideal time to find a professional trained in addiction treatment so you can become free.

On the other hand, the full moon of November 12 might simply show you that you need to slow down and rest, for you could be fighting a cold. Additionally, a secret could come out—yours or someone elses that involves you—so it may be a time of revelation.

That full moon of November 12 will be very friendly, receiving golden beams from both Saturn and Pluto in your eighth house of other peoples money. This suggests you may see a large check you have anticipated would come for some time, and once you receive it, you will have a comforting sense of security that you will welcome.

At the same time as the full moon, you have one of the best aspects of the month with Mars in perfect angle to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. You have Jupiter in your partnership sector, so the good news will come from your romantic or business partner (agent, publicist, writing partner, lawyer, advertising director, accountant, or another person you made a serious commitment to in a one-on-one way). Your partner will bring great news for you involving your career and an upcoming project, or one you have just finished this month to rave reviews.

Near months end, the new moon of November 26 in Sagittarius at four degrees will be about a serious relationship you are about to start. In love, this may mean you will become engaged or married late this month, a good time to do so, for Mercury will have turned direct earlier on November 20.

If you are already married, your partner may have important news to share that will affect you both. It seems to be joyous news—youll have to wait and see. You and your partner may be drawing up a new goal or marking a new chapter in your lives. Or a promise you made to your partner a while ago can now crystalize.

If you dont have a romantic partner, or even if you do, then this new moon could refer to a committed collaboration you are engaged in at work. You may be ready to make that alliance official with papers you both will sign. The ruler of Sagittarius— the sign of the new moon November 26—is Jupiter, who will be orbiting close to Venus in an out-of-sign conjunction. This tells me that actions you take now, on or in the days after the new moon, will work out well.

In terms of your career, you have great news. Neptune has been retrograding since June 21, and happily, this planet of vision and creativity will go direct on November 27. You will enjoy seeing your career take off like a firecracker in weeks and months to come. Take special note of news you receive in the days that circle November 27 (November 25-29), for you are likely to have a clue that something wonderful is in the works.

Mars has been in Libra, brightening your fifth house of romance, children, and creativity since October 3, and this trend will continue until November 18. This should be an enjoyable period. You also will be at your most creative, making superb suggestions to add to the look, feel, and mood of the project.

If you are working on a highly artistic assignment, such as one involving music, choreography, painting, theatrical set design, a film or TV show, costume or fashion design, window display, package design, or another artistic expression, you will be at your best, not only due to Marsposition but also thanks to Neptunes turn direct. Mercury will indeed be retrograde, so you will have to keep watching the details of the project, but overall, Mercury wont bring you to a full stop.

Once Mars moves into Scorpio on November 18, until January 3, your work life will become busier and all-consuming, straight through December. That means business will be brisk, good news for every Gemini and doubly so if you are self-employed. If you work for others, you might be able to negotiate overtime pay or a bonus for your extra work.

The same house that Mars will light brilliantly has to do with health and fitness, and so Mars may give you the impetus to return to the gym for a head start on your fitness goal for 2020. This would be a great time to start.

A day that might bring tension on the job will be November 24 when Mars opposes Uranus precisely. This is a weekend date, but it has a wide area of influence, so you could see things go wrong in the days leading to it or in the days after. Staffers who report to you might not get along with each other, or a project may go off the rails, so be attentive. Since the sixth house also rules health, if you plan to join the gym after a long absence, make sure you dont overdo on this day or other days close to it.  

On this same day, November 24, Venus will conjunct Jupiter. Apparently, the universe is playing tricks on us by giving us one angry aspect (expressed above—Mars opposition Uranus) and a lovely four-star aspect (Venus conjunct Jupiter). In the latter case, Venus and Jupiter will meet in your seventh house of marriage, so making a commitment or promise would normally be a lovely thing to do. I worry about Mars in opposition to Uranus, however, for that is a severe aspect, so I would choose not to sign papers, no matter how special Venus conjunct Jupiter happens to be. You would be building that difficult Mars and Uranus aspect into the DNA at the birth of your venture, so enjoy this weekend day in a light way, but sign no papers.

Life is often a mixture of events, with things happening both good and not-so-good on the same day, and I suppose the planets are simply reflecting that truth.

The planets will be cheerful at months end. November 28 brings joyful news about money, thanks to a collaboration between Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. When money shows up, no one will be more surprised than you.

Finally, November 29 brings a great day to sign papers when Saturn and Mercury work together to make your alliance lasting and profitable.


Mercury will be retrograde most of the month, until November 20, giving you a chance to pull back and review decisions and actions you have taken over the past year. You can tweak those you feel could use a few improvements. As you enter November, follow up ongoing projects, but dont try to launch new ones because glitches will crop up, and it will be hard to make progress on them.

Mercury rules your sign (and also Virgo), so you are more sensitive than most to this planet when it is out of phase. When Mercury is retrograde, it is not the ideal time to take a new job, introduce a new product, or start a new relationship. It is a good time to attend to duties on your to-do list that you never quite got back to doing and to return to people from your past, to reconnect, whether in friendship or business. One last word—if you have been out of work a long time and you receive a job offer, take it and run with it. You can always change jobs later once you already one.

The new moon of last month, October 27, was wild and wooly and may have introduced chaos in the workplace. Someone or something may have happened to shock you. For example, perhaps a trusted worker announced a departure, or a client completely changed the direction of a project, causing a lot of backtracking. You are a mutable sign, which means you are inherently flexible, so you, more than most, will be able to adjust and decide the next steps quickly. You have time—it would be best not to pitch new clients or hire a recruit until December.

Your social life, which started to bubble up with the entry of Mars to Libra on October 3, will continue to add fun and frivolity while Mars remains in Libra until November 18. Friends have been warm and welcoming, and if you have had anything troubling you, any one of them would be willing to give you their full attention to discuss your feelings and options.

The full moon, November 12, will have you craving rest and withdrawing from the social scene over this weekend. You may be in confidential talks with your financial advisor over your investments or with your broker about a real estate matter you might be considering. Alternatively, you may find out about a secret that someone tried to conceal from you, or if you have a secret, be ready to tell others about it at this full moon.  

On November 24, Mars will oppose Uranus, a rather strenuous planetary clash, and may inflame tempers. People near you will be fragile, and something is likely to go wrong. This is not a day to take a risk on any level—emotionally, financially, or physically.

The new moon of November 26 will bring a partnership decision, and it is a happy time to make a commitment—do so in the ten days that follow this new moon. Many Gemini will become engaged or married at the end of November or in December, a great time to do so.

If you are already married, you may choose a new goal that you are both excited about tackling together. If this does not resonate, you may be using this new moon of November 26 to talk seriously with a business partner, agent, publicist, or another professional about making your alliance official with paperwork you can sign soon, perhaps November 29, when Mercury and Saturn are in cheerful support of your new venture.

Regarding your career, the days following November 27 will be especially bright, because Neptune, the ruler of your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, will go direct and speed forward your professional life. If you feel youve been working hard without a lot of progress, now the floodgates will open, and you will be thrilled with how things unfold in the months ahead. Neptune will stay direct until June 23, 2020, so you have an open road to make a name for yourself.

As the month nears an end, you will likely hear wonderful financial news, when Venus in Capricorn receives a silvery beam from surprise-a-minute Uranus, and the news seems to come from behind the scenes and involves something you never expected to happen. More money is on the way to you, and thats always a good thing.

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