Gemini Horoscope for November 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Once Mars moves into Scorpio on November 18, until January 3, your work life will become busier and all-consuming, straight through December. That means business will be brisk, good news for every Gemini and doubly so if you are self-employed. If you work for others, you might be able to negotiate overtime pay or a bonus for your extra work.

The same house that Mars will light brilliantly has to do with health and fitness, and so Mars may give you the impetus to return to the gym for a head start on your fitness goal for 2020. This would be a great time to start.

A day that might bring tension on the job will be November 24 when Mars opposes Uranus precisely. This is a weekend date, but it has a wide area of influence, so you could see things go wrong in the days leading to it or in the days after. Staffers who report to you might not get along with each other, or a project may go off the rails, so be attentive. Since the sixth house also rules health, if you plan to join the gym after a long absence, make sure you dont overdo on this day or other days close to it.  

On this same day, November 24, Venus will conjunct Jupiter. Apparently, the universe is playing tricks on us by giving us one angry aspect (expressed above—Mars opposition Uranus) and a lovely four-star aspect (Venus conjunct Jupiter). In the latter case, Venus and Jupiter will meet in your seventh house of marriage, so making a commitment or promise would normally be a lovely thing to do. I worry about Mars in opposition to Uranus, however, for that is a severe aspect, so I would choose not to sign papers, no matter how special Venus conjunct Jupiter happens to be. You would be building that difficult Mars and Uranus aspect into the DNA at the birth of your venture, so enjoy this weekend day in a light way, but sign no papers.

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