Gemini Horoscope for November 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you dont have a romantic partner, or even if you do, then this new moon could refer to a committed collaboration you are engaged in at work. You may be ready to make that alliance official with papers you both will sign. The ruler of Sagittarius— the sign of the new moon November 26—is Jupiter, who will be orbiting close to Venus in an out-of-sign conjunction. This tells me that actions you take now, on or in the days after the new moon, will work out well.

In terms of your career, you have great news. Neptune has been retrograding since June 21, and happily, this planet of vision and creativity will go direct on November 27. You will enjoy seeing your career take off like a firecracker in weeks and months to come. Take special note of news you receive in the days that circle November 27 (November 25-29), for you are likely to have a clue that something wonderful is in the works.

Mars has been in Libra, brightening your fifth house of romance, children, and creativity since October 3, and this trend will continue until November 18. This should be an enjoyable period. You also will be at your most creative, making superb suggestions to add to the look, feel, and mood of the project.

If you are working on a highly artistic assignment, such as one involving music, choreography, painting, theatrical set design, a film or TV show, costume or fashion design, window display, package design, or another artistic expression, you will be at your best, not only due to Marsposition but also thanks to Neptunes turn direct. Mercury will indeed be retrograde, so you will have to keep watching the details of the project, but overall, Mercury wont bring you to a full stop.

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