Gemini Horoscope for November 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Alternatively, instead of work surprises, you may have experienced health problems. You will have to watch both—keep track of your health and current projects, lest something goes wrong and you need to seek help if necessary.

Mercury retrograde, which started officially on October 31 and will go until November 20, was certainly not helping matters. Mercury was creating a fog-filled scene. You may not have solid data and find it’s still hard to come by. You may have received contradictory information, and that could continue until the retrograde is over.

As a Gemini, Mercury is your ruler, so you tend to be more sensitive to these retrogrades than most. You likely felt the approaching slowdown of Mercury well in advance of its official turnaround date (October 31), with delays, postponements, cancellations, electronic problems, machine repairs, and indecision from VIPs to have projects approved.

Mercury will retrograde in your workaday sector (sixth house), so you will need to be vigilant over details of projects, for that is where you are most likely to see errors and do-overs crop up. The sixth house also rules health, so if you are having medical tests done and one seems off, it could be that the lab made a mistake. Ask to have the test redone, especially if the test is critical in forming the basis of an impending medical decision.  

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